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What colony was Yorktown in?

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Virgina I think

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What was the colony where Cornwallis was trapped?


In 1781 what colony was Yorktown in?

Virginia i think

What colony was the battle of Yorktown fought?


What is an example of An English colony?

One axample is Yorktown.

What are the 6 colonies?

Jamestown, Yorktown, roanoke ''lost colony,'' georgia, virginia, and

Why was The Battle of Yorktown in Yorktown?

because if it was not in yorktown it would not be the battle of yorktown

What colony did the battle of Yorktown take place?

when your balls dropped ....oh wait tht hasn't happnd yet ha ha to bad.

Where was the battle of Yorktown fought at?

HEY! YOU THERE!The answer is in the 13 colonies I believe he means the colony it was fought in... Anyone got the answer? I don't. Oh wait i got it, Virgina.

Where is the Yorktown Public Library in Yorktown located?

The address of the Yorktown Public Library is: 103 W Main St, Yorktown, 78164 5000

Where is the Yorktown Arts Foundation in Yorktown Virginia located?

The address of the Yorktown Arts Foundation is: 121 Alexander Hamilton, Yorktown, VA 23690

Where was the Battle of Yorktown fought?

Yorktown, VA

Where did Cornwallis surrender?

At the Battle of Yorktown

What is located along the Yorktown river?


Where is Yorktown located?

Yorktown is located in Virginia.

Where and when was the Yorktown battle?

The Battle of Yorktown was fought in Yorktown, Virginia in 1781. This battle ended the Revolution.

Where did the British surrendered?

The British surrendered at Yorktown, Virginia. This surrender goes by many names, like the Surrender at Yorktown The Siege of Yorktown, or Battle of Yorktown.

In which state is Yorktown located?

There have been many historical events that happened in Yorktown, it is where the battle of Yorktown took place. Yorktown is located in the state of Virginia.

Where is the Yorktown Mt Pleasant Township in Yorktown Indiana located?

The address of the Yorktown Mt Pleasant Township is: Po Box 356, Yorktown, IN 47396

Who was in the battle of yorktown?

alot of people were in the battle of Yorktown.

Where is the Yorktown Historical Society in Yorktown Heights New York located?

The address of the Yorktown Historical Society is: Po Box 355, Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

Where is the Yorktown Historical Society Inc in Yorktown Texas located?

The address of the Yorktown Historical Society Inc is: Po Box 1284, Yorktown, TX 78164-1284

Why was Yorktown important?

There are a great many reasons why Yorktown was important. Yorktown was an information center and a big news center.

How did Yorktown get its name?

From the Battle of Yorktown. It was the battle that ended the Revolutionary War. Yorktown is the south eastern tip of Virginia.

Who was involved in the victory of Yorktown?

George Washington and the soldiers of Yorktown

When did British surrender at Yorktown?

The British surrendered at Yorktown in 1781