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What could be the cause of a rattling noise coming from back of a 1999 cougar?

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βˆ™ 2010-01-31 18:34:53

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I'm getting a rattling sound, too. But my problem is in my speakers. I'd have to guess you either need new speakers, or your problem could be in the hatch door. A friend of mine had that problem. His hatch window was loose or something, and that rattled, and eventually leaked. Hope that helped.

2010-01-31 18:34:53
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Q: What could be the cause of a rattling noise coming from back of a 1999 cougar?
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What would cause rattling under the hood?

Rattling under the hood can be something easy to fix to something bad. It could be loose bolts, bearings, pulleys, or it could be interior in the motor.

Why does your air conditioner make a rattling noise?

There are a few things that might cause an air conditioner to make a rattling noise. It could be that the there is dirt and debris in the cabinet. If this is the case, cleaning the cabinet should stop the rattling. The reason could also be loose panels on the cabinets. The fan could also be bent and no longer straight.


Most likeyl cause could be a bad pulley

What would cause a grinding or rattling sound when accelerating from a stop or when turning?

if its a front wheel drive vehicle then it could be the axels

Why would a Camry rattle when you release the pedal at start?

If it's coming from the rear, I would check either your catalytic converter or your muffler. Either could have pieces loose in them that would cause a rattling sound when you either push or release the throttle.

What could cause what seems like the transmission slipping on a 2000 mercury cougar?

my son bought a 1996 cougar that felt like the transmition was slipping and we had the transmission flushed and it fixed it.

What could be the cause of an constant rattling sound when keeping a constant speed Usually in the middle of 1 and 2 in the rpms?

Ha, lots of noise :]

Where can you find a diagram of the underneath side of the drivers seat of a kia optima?

What could cause a rattling at t he drivers side back tire..

What would cause the battery to not charge even when the alternator tests good on a 93 Mercury Cougar?

the battery could have a dead cell, this could cause it to not charge. Have the battery tested to be sure.

What is wrong with Mazda Tribute if it makes loud rattling noise when accelerating?

Many different things can cause a rattling noise in a Mazda tribute. Stark by checking the engine belts and all brackets for anything that could be loose and causing a rattle.

Why is their a chirping rattling sound coming from your Pontiac GTO?

It could be a belt slipping... the bearings in your ac compressor going out... low fluid level in your power steering reservoir

What can be the cause of 1983 mercury cougar dying at varied stops no coughing or spitting just dies even after it has been warmed up but restart with no problem?

it could be a bad lock up torque converter(if equiped with it). vehicle dies when coming to a stop.

What could cause your 2001 Cougar to make a clicking sound but will not start Battery is only 2 months old?

Have the alternator checked.

What could cause your gas pedal to shake and vibrate?

check the recalls for the 99 mercury cougar!! it includes a recall on the throttle cable...

What would cause rattling from the front end of your car when your driving?

It could be a loose radiator grill, license plate holder or similar. It could be a loose cap in the engine compartment or even a problem with the engine.

Which of these sentences is correctly writtenThe rattling of heavy-duty industrial machinery could be heard from a great distance.?

The rattling of heavy-duty industrial machinery could be heard, from a great distance.

What would cause a rattling noise that comes and goes when you accelerate at low speeds but is not there when going faster?

It could just be the heat shield on the under side of the catalytic converter.

What would cause a rattling sound in the front drivers side of a Ford F-250?

Could be a worn out shock or wheel bearings. Is it 4 wheel drive?

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What would cause a rattling sound under the front of your car which is a Ford Taurus wagon and cause extreme inner tire wear on the front?

without looking at/hearing/feeling anything i would first guess at bad struts. these can cause the extreme wear(as can a few other normal less expensive things like camber/toe settings) but would also be the cause of some rattling. again, rattling could be coming from many other things but im venturing to guess you have bad struts. unless the rattling happens only when turning. then you probably have bad cv joints etc. and the tire wear could simply be a bad alignment or lack there of rather. try getting an alignment and ask them to check your steering components/system . . .most places can inspect this for free with an alignment. my best advice, if you are a DIY'er, fix the cheaper things first and build your way up . . . hopefully the problem is resolved before you have to spend big bucks. good luck

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What would cause a rattling sound under your transmission?

Many exhaust systems have a hanger located near or on the transmission, climb under there and sheke some things to see if you can replicate the noise, it could even be the heat shield for the catalytic converter coming loose.

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