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Check the spark plug wires for a loose connection or a crack. Sometimes a spark plug wire will work well until internal engine pressures get high, which causes the spark plugs to develop a little extra internal resistance. When that happens the spark can jump through a crack in the wire. Also, check the distributor cap and rotor if they weren't replaced on the tune-up.

AnswerThe distributor cap, rotor, igniton lead set (including the lead to the coil) have all been replaced. The problem doesn't occur all the time when engine is warmed up, never when the engine is cold. Any ideas?


AnswerI have solved the problem myself, but for those of you who have experienced a similar issue, you will want to look at replacing the Oxygen sensor. As i ahd repalced the sensor 3 years ago, I didn't think it was the culpurit. It was a Bosch after-market item. My parts guy recommended NTK (made by NGK) O2 sensors for Japanese cars. I did the work this past weekend and the car is back to running normally.


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Q: What could cause a 1989 Mazda 323 1600 engine freshly tuned to have either an ignition miss or fuel delivery problem occasionally under acceleration have replaced the throttle body and airflow meter?
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Why would windshield wipers defog etc only occasionally work on 02 Protege if ignition switch has been replaced and ruled out?

There seems to be a problem with the wiring if these things work occasionally. Run a diagnostics on the wiring from the fuse box.

Why do the headlights go out occasionally while driving a 2001 Grand Prix?

Had the same problem with my Grand Prix, ended up that the ignition switch had to be replaced. Hope this helps.

2001 Taurus is misfiring Mechanic says the coil pack needs to be replaced - does this sound right?

Bad ignition coil will cause engine to sputter and hesitate on acceleration.

What is HEI?

It is HIGH ENERGY IGNITION. There isn't any points or condenser as they are replaced with an ignition module.

Why would your speedometer and tachometer on a Jetta 1996 stop working occasionally?

you need a new onr they do this occasionally and then need to be replaced

How do you replace the ignition timing on a 1987 Dodge Ram 350?

the ignition timing does not get replaced on 87 dodge.

Why wouldn't key turn in the ignition PT Cruiser?

The ignition is shot - just replaced mine $315.00.

I have replaced everything involved in my ignition system but still lose spark after driving for a short period of time if you le tit sit for an hour it will restart again any suggestions?

did you have your ignition coil replaced? the signs are that the ignition coil is overheating thus you are able to restart after an hour, when the coil cools. also check if your ignition coil has a resistor. if it has, have it checked for continuity. did you have your ignition coil replaced? the signs are that the ignition coil is overheating thus you are able to restart after an hour, when the coil cools. also check if your ignition coil has a resistor. if it has, have it checked for continuity.

92 Chevy 2500 you have replaced the starter when you turn the key the starter wont engage?

This could be a bad ignition switch, ignition relay, or ignition fuse.

Why does your engine still run when you take the key out of the ignition?

check the ignition switch , it might be bad and may need to be replaced.

How do you remove the ignition switch of a 97 Suburban?

you can take it to be replaced it has a recall on them

Why does your 2000 impala have no acceleration?

Because your catalytic converter is clogged, and must be replaced! $$$$$

Why is Infiniti G20 1995 occasionally not starting after recently have alternator and starter replaced?

Why is Infinity G20 1995 occasionally not starting. I have to put it in neutural to start.

What would cause a car to shake and sputter and lose power only under heavy acceleration but not while at idle or low acceleration?

Check your fuel filter before spending money on other troubleshooting procedures. Had the same problem, it would idle fine but about 4000 rpm or heavy exceleration it would start to jerk. so i replaced my cam sensor. Fuel constriction, ignition parts corroded, wet spark plugs. I had this problem caused by a corroded connection on the high-voltage side of the ignition coil. Carburetors could have a failing acceleration pump.

Ignition switch will not turn on 1998 Chrysler concord?

tumbler has slipped. hit key with mallet . but ignition keylock will soon have to be replaced

Ignition was tampered with a screwdriver key will not enter the ignition need a part 2001 Chevy S10 pickup?

I'd call a locksmith. The ignition wil probably have to be drilled and replaced.

1974 pickup 390 mtr has been converted to electronic ignition The ignition fried Replaced ignition and coil Ignition switch is good but still no spark Can anyone help?

You'd have to describe the components you replaced. Did you use a plug and go all in one distributor or did you replace the coil, distributor, and add an electronic ignition unit? If you "fried" your ignition, it's likely you fried something else along the line too. Check all your components.

How can in get the key to turn in the ignition of a 2009 Chevy Cobalt?

I have 2008 and had same problem the ignition had to be replaced was really fast less than an hour they did it.

Why is it when I replaced my ignition switch in my Cadillac Catera my car just cranks and cranks but will not start?

its not your ignition its your crankshaft sensor that's the same problem i had.

Why does your Oldsmobile alero hesitate before starting?

you need to re-do the timing of the ignition system. the other possibility is the ignition is worn out and needs to be replaced.

Why would your speedometer on a jetta 99 stop working occasionally?

its is you tachnometer that needs to be reseated or replaced.

The ignition will not turn?

Worn key or barrel, do you have a new key you can try it with ? If it still doesn't turn properly you got a worn ignition barrel that has to be replaced

Integra 96 why it crank but won't start?

the wires from the ignition switch need to be replaced.

I replaced the ignition module and coil packs and need to know what sends the signal to the module?

sounds like we are having the same type of issue, I replaced ignition Module and coil pack, and still no spark the last thing to change is the Computer.

Is there a camshaft sensor on 87 olds calais 2 pt5 tbi loosing spark on acceleration replaced the crank sensor could problem be the ignition module?

Camshaft sensor? Not if you have a distributor. Losing spark on acceleration is easy though. On acceleration, you increase pressure in the cylinders and thus increase the resistance across the plug gap. This, in addition to the resistance is too much resistance for the maximum output voltage produced by the coil, so you've got the following possibilities: 1- worn plugs 2- old plug wires 3- weak ignition coil 4- but less likely, eroded distributor cap and rotor All of these parts will be replaced during a proper tune-up, so just do a tune-up and you'll be OK.