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There is a redesigned transmission vent that should fix this problem.

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Q: What could cause a 2001 Mercury Sable to burp transmission fluid out the fill hose and how would you correct this?
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What would cause the transmission not to move when in gear on a Mercury Sable?

Replace your transmission pump or get a new transmission.

What would cause a 1994 Mercury Sable with automatic transmission to need to be warmed up a lot before it will shift into higher gears?

Low transmission fluid, transmission on it's way out.

What would cause a Mercury sable to shake during acceleration?

If your car shakes while accelerating check your motor mounts. Then check your transmission.

1996 Mercury Sable wont start?

The most common cause for a 1996 Mercury Sable not starting is a dead battery. The second most common cause for the automobile not to start is a lack of fuel.

What can cause low cranking amp on 1996 mercury sable?

It was the starter

What is the tire size for a 1997 Mercury Sable?

A 1997 Mercury Sable came stock with size p205/65r15 tires. Taller or shorter tires will cause the speedometer to read incorrectly.

What cause a Missfire p0303 on a 2002 Mercury Sable?

Bad plugs and wires or/and coil

Can a blown head gasket cause a 2000 mercury sable ls to overheat?


Why does my dome light stay on in my Mercury Sable?

The most common cause of a dome light staying on in a Mercury Sable is electrical issues. If a fuse becomes disconnected or is loose this can cause the light to remain on. Check the dimmer switch and the plunger switches in the door jambs.

Will a bad range selector on a Mercury Sable cause it not to shift?

It is possible if the selector doesn't lock in to position. Also check the transmission fluid level. Low fluid will also be a factor. There could also be other issues that should be looked at by a professional, reliable transmission shop.

If you have a bad speed sensor in a 1999 Mercury sable could that cause problems with overdrive and the transmission?

AnswerYes, that and more. See "Related Questions" below for extensive coverage of replacing the vehicle speed sensor (VSS), including links to photos.

What would cause humming noise in front end of 99 Mercury Sable?

1999 Mercury front and humming noises can because by several things. Tire noises are the most common cause. A tire that is not wearing properly can cause a humming noise.

What could cause my 2002 Mercury Sable engine to blow up?

Lack of or absence of maintenance such as oil changes and fluid levels.

What would cause the radiator fluid to bubble out the cap in a 97 Mercury Sable?

stuck closed thermeostat or blown cylinder head gasket.

What would cause a 2004 mercury sable hesitate and jerk during acceleration?

Replace the spark plugs and wires. Replace the fuel filter.

You only have high speed on your heater blower what is wrong 2003 mercury sable?

The most likely problem with the heater blower on your 2003 Sable is the blower resister. The resister can go bad and cause you to only have one speed.

What would cause a battery to drain in a 1989 mercury sable if it is not the power cords or alternator?

dead cell in the battery or something is on pulling power from the battery.

How do you repair non working blinkers on 1998 mercury Sable?

You have to diagnose the system to determine the cause. Check the fuses, the bulbs, the flasher relay then the switch.

Why does your 97 sable transmission shift hard when shifted into drive gear?

Alot of things can cause this as a week mount a wore out CV axle and pressure

The transmission of your galant 91 has trouble shifting what could be the cause?

check transmission fluid for correct amount or being dirty if fluid is ok your transmission is wearing out

What would cause the auto trans on a 94 mercury cougar with the 3.8 V6 to sporadically slip at cruising speeds?

If the fluid level is correct, have the transmission screen checked. More than likely it is dirty and needs replacing. Other than that....a new transmission may be called for.

Can Mercury burn skin?

It does not cause burns in terms of seconds. However if one allows the mercury to stay on the skin for long period of time, it will cause posioning which will be fatal. Poisioning will be correct term. For Lab purpose, DO NOT TOUCH MERCURY.

What could cause what seems like the transmission slipping on a 2000 mercury cougar?

my son bought a 1996 cougar that felt like the transmition was slipping and we had the transmission flushed and it fixed it.

What might cause your 1996 mercury villager transmission to hard shift?

Generally, one should have the codes scanned to make sure all the sensors are working correctly. Out of spec sensors can cause damage to the transmission. Make sure the alternator / battery voltage is correct too as I've had hard shifts when my alternator died. Failing that, you'll need to have a transmission shop check it out, working on external checks first before tearing it down.

What happens if wrong transmission fluid is put in?

In the long run it can cause damages. Change it to the correct fluids. a.s.a.p.