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What could cause a popping sensation in your legs and backside after walking on a treadmill?


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2011-07-29 19:12:58
2011-07-29 19:12:58

That popping feeling is called Fasciculation. When you work your muscles they contract and the blood vessels dilate. When you are done exercising and your body is returning to a normal state the twitching can occur. It should go away shortly after you finish your workout. This is normal after a good walk or jog..and usually sitting to rest. The feeling results in a "popcorn" feeling at the skins surface.


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A popping sensation in your thighs when walking could be your muscles stretching. Some leg exercises should help relieve this pain.

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You move forward when walking on a surface, and on a treadmill you stand still.

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That is the correct spelling of the compound noun "treadmill" (stationary walking device).

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