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That popping feeling is called Fasciculation. When you work your muscles they contract and the blood vessels dilate. When you are done exercising and your body is returning to a normal state the twitching can occur. It should go away shortly after you finish your workout. This is normal after a good walk or jog..and usually sitting to rest. The feeling results in a "popcorn" feeling at the skins surface.

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Q: What could cause a popping sensation in your legs and backside after walking on a treadmill?
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What is the popping sensation in thighs after walking?

A popping sensation in your thighs when walking could be your muscles stretching. Some leg exercises should help relieve this pain.

Will you lose more weight walking on a treadmill or rollerblading uphill?

walking on the treadmill...

What is the difference in walking on a treadmill and walking on a hard surface?

You move forward when walking on a surface, and on a treadmill you stand still.

What is the difference of nature walking and treadmill walking?

treadmill walking is at a steady incline, while nature-walking (or hiking) is at varying inclinations and terrain.

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How do you spell treadmill?

That is the correct spelling of the compound noun "treadmill" (stationary walking device).

Will walking on a treadmill on a deep incline help tone thighs?


Can you tone your bum and thighs just from walking on a treadmill?

Yes you can !

Can a person use a treadmill without having a treadmill rack?

Yes, it is not necessary to use a treadmill rack while walking on the treadmill. It may be a bit boring since you cannot use it to read at the same time, but you can still use the treadmill.

What is the Victorian punishment walking the treadmill?

A treadmill is a big wheel (like a hamster wheel) that prisoners turned by walking inside it. The power from the wheel was used to drive machinery in a factory (a mill).

Can walking on treadmill make sciatica worse?

If the sciatica really hurts when you try walking on a treadmill, do not do it. Do not fight through the pain; "listen" to your body.On the other hand, especially if you have your physician's blessing and you keep your stomach pulled in so that your hips stay properly aligned, walking on a treadmill may help in the short run.In the long run, insofar as it helps you to keep your percentage of body fat lower, regular walking on a treadmill should certainly help.

What is the difference between a treadmill and a eliptical trainer?

A treadmill is an exercise device that mimics walking and running on either a flat surface or at an incline. An elliptical trainer is a device that also mimics walking or running but your feet are stationary on pedals.

Pain in left side of abdomen with pulling sensation with walking?


How much weight will you lose walking two hour on treadmill thirty days?

The amount of weight you will lose walking 2 hours on a treadmill for thirty days can vary. It depends on your height, current weight, as well as your eating habits.

What are the best Reebok trainers to wear whilst running on a treadmill?

The best Reebok trainers to wear when using a treadmill would depend on if you intend to do running or walking while using the treadmill. You would want a trainer designed specifically for the type of exercise you plan to do on the treadmill.

How can I say esteira A kind of walking machine in English?

I think you may be referring to a Treadmill.

What is the proper form to use when walking on a treadmill?

The handles are there for your safety. use them if you feel the need to.

Should you use the handles for support when walking on a treadmill?

Yes.. if your old and prone to falling.

What is the best type of treadmill to buy?

If you are looking for a treadmill for the express purpose of walking or jogging the Golds Gym 450 is your best bet. However, if you are looking for a sturdier treadmill that you can run on the Horizon Evolve SG is a great choice.

Does the Stex 8020T Treadmill have variable inclines?

Yes, the Stex 8020T Treadmill does have variable inclines that can be used to simulate walking up a hill or other inclined surface.

How many calories burned on a treadmill for 15 minutes?

Depends on how hard you're working, but not many in only 15 minutes. Maybe 150 or so.However, you do not state if you are running or walking on a treadmill. For information about walking on a treadmill to lose weight, and how to do it correctly, see the page link, further down this page, listed under Related Questions.

Is walking outside better exercise or is walking on a treadmill?

It is better for calorie burning purposes to walk outside. Your body does more work this way. But if you are just starting to exercise, a treadmill is certainly better than nothing! And if you put the treadmill on an incline, you will start to burn more calories because of the resistance.

Sensation receptor type for walking on hot pavement?

Bare nerve endings

Who is the blond girl walking on the treadmill in the new direct tv commercial?

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Does walking on the treadmill help to flatten your stomach?

yes it does because you are burning fat and calories while using it