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It could be mold and mildew. Two things to try. The first is to replace the hose cables from the faucet to the machine. These should be replaced every couple of years anyway, and if there is mold in there, the first water out of it could be pretty smelly. After that, try running a cold water cycle with bleach and a cup of vinegar. That should kill off the mold and mildew. or

Washing machine odor is caused by a buildup of detergents and fabric softeners. This slimy, odor-causing buildup is hidden inside your washer which is the perfect environment for fungus to grow in. The fungus smell from the washer makes your towels smell like mildew and can even affect people with Allergies and Asthma! Google "smelly washer"

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What would cause a lighter to fly off of your shelf?

Vibration could cause it to jump as from a minor earthquake or washing machine.

How do you get gas fumes out of the washing machine?

they dont have any water and fumes could cause a lot of mess

Where can I get some washing machine repairs?

You should ask around your neighborhood, or call the company that you bought the washing machine from. It could still be under warranty and could get fixed for free.

Your washing machine standing pipe fell off could that cause sewer gas to come in the house?

Only if the trap fell off and it was not properly vented

What type of adapter can be used for a washing machine when you only have a 2 prong outlet?

Do not use an adapter. You need a properly wired outlet for a washing machine. A shock could kill you.

Could you tell me every time i put my washing machine on it cuts all my eletricity out i have tryed using another socket to put washing machine plug into but still cuts all electric out?

You may want to check your motor on the washing machine. It may have a bad short.

What is a washing machine cycle?

How long is a wash cycle? A normal wash cycle usually takes between 50 minutes to an hour to complete. However, this time could be faster or slower depending on load size and the cycles or options you choose.

Why is there oil inside your washing machine?

It could be that your transmission housing is leaking. You will probably find oil underneath the machine as well.

What could be the cause of a cloths washer not draining?

There are multiple reasons why your washing machine might not drain. The drain line could be clogged with debris or even clothing, the pump pulley could be frozen, or the pipe that the washer drains into could be clogged.

Why doesn't my washing machine fill with hot water?

There are a few reasons why your washing machine is not filling up with hot water. A tube could be plugged. There may also be an issue with the hot water heater. Have a professional check the machine.

What could be causing a washing machine to not ring the water out of clothes?

The bell may be broken.

Can you machine wash 98 percent wool?

You could machine wash it but I would recommend washing it gently by hand based on the fact that it could very easily shrink.

What are the disadvantages of a washing machine?

There are many disadvantages of a washing machine. One is that you can only put in but so much of your clothes in there and if you do put in too much, it could damage the machine. Another is that it takes up a lot of room. These disadvantages could be prevented if you buy better models of one (one that fits your budget).

How do you put the washing machine back together after removing the front panel?

Easiest way to reassembling would be to call a technician from the manufacturer. He/She will do it for a fee, as disassembling a washing machine almost always voids its warranty. You could also consult the owner's manual of your washing machine. (However, Washing Machines usually do not come with an instruction manual for disassemble and reassembly ) Follow the instructions on reassembling.

What is causing the washing macine agitator to run when it is in the spin cycle?

When you washing machine is in the spin cycle the agitator should rotate along with the drum of your washing machine and that's normal. There is no way it could be going up and down and will only appear that is is agitating while on spin.

What could cause a sewer gas smell coming from the drainpipe where the washing machine drains when using the machine just started the other day?

Either dried out P-trap or possibly no p-trap or break in drain line after p-trap

Will a washing machine engine work in a gokart?

In UK a typical washing machine engine is about 1 horse power and runs on mains voltage (240V rms AC). I guess it could work but wouldn't be very efficient.

Can you put your build a bear in the bath?

yes, but you could only hand wash it, do not put it in a washing machine

Why has your washing machine outlet blown up the motor in two washing machines?

problem can be the speed of washing machine you could check it with an app

What kind of washing machine will pump water 5 feet up when draining The basement laundry room's drain requires the washing machine to drain up?

None, but you could install a transfer pump to the drain hose of one.

Why does a washing machine fill with water when switched off?

the water calve could be going bad or you could have a siphon happening from the drain line.

My washing machine doesn't seem to agitate properly It is always spinning What could be wrong?

You forget to turn it off.

A sentence with the word batch?

Then Mama and I could rinse the first batch while the second one was washing in the machine.

Are the stone on the Rhinestone Rose maternity top durable when they are in the washing machine?

Yes but to be sure you could wash it in a bag.

Your washing machine is located in the basement of your home it has caused the toliet to back up on the second floor what could cause this to happen?

There is a slight blockage in the sewer line. Get a plumber to carry out an investigation and to clear whatever is necessary.

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