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hi: sometime it is the fuel pump or fuel filter clogged. i would listen for a noise ,after you turn ignition on but not start car. if you hear fuel pump come on most time it is fuel filter clogged and or not enough pressure on fuel pump and or bad or dirty injectors. hope this helps a little Ron

Depending on the vehicle, there's crank signal coming from the distributor, this allows the fuel system to operate. If the ECM doesn't receive the signal from the distributor, then it won't allow fuel to the engine. Some time a car with distribuless ignition it has a bad crank sensor.

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Q: What could cause no gas to flow through the fuel injectors when cranking the engine?
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Can injectors cause engine knocking in a Kia Sorento 2003?


What would cause a vn commodore to not start?

lay under fuel tank and hit with fist when cranking engine and fuel will flow through pump

Will gas clean injectors in a diesel?

Gasoline will not dissolve the carbon deposits that clog the injectors but it will cause your engine to not start.

What cause fuel in engine oil 1994 accord?

Leaking injectors.

Can you ruin your engine from bad injectors?

Leaking injectors that are allowing fuel to flow after shutdown, will allow fuel to flow into the cylinder. This fuel will mix with the oil and dilute it's lubricrating ability. This will cause engine wear and will eventually cause serious engine damage.

What could cause the starter bolts to break on a 99 suburban?

engine backfire during cranking.

What would cause a diesel engine to bog down during acceleration?


Does ethanol hurt your car engine?

If your injectors weren't intended for it then it can cause a premature failure of your injectors. Other than that pure ethanol is actually too capable for your engine, it won't burn right. If you have a super high performance engine such as a rotory or supercar or race engine then you will get use out of it. It won't harm your engine though.

What would cause a single cylinder missfire even after plugs coil pack injectors.?

Wiring and internal engine problems can cause misfires.

When in park or neutral if I rev my Ford Taurus engine to 4000rpms it starts to sputter What could cause this?

This is by design, as the engine is not under load. the engine computer shuts off the fuel injectors, there is no hysteresis so the injectors turn back on quickly once below 4000rpm, and the cycle repeats. This also happens when the speedometer maxes out, in my case, 180kM/h, the fuel injectors shut off.

What can cause engine to misfire?

get a tune up it could be the spark plugs not firing right or clean ur fuel injectors

Honda CR-V has spark and fuel will not start?

the fuel pump needs replacing, might be in fuel tank. To test if this is the cause. Squirt some gas into the throttle opening and try to start car, if it almost starts or feels like it will then that is the causeAnother View: If you have both spark and fuel at the injectors AND th engine is cranking - before doing to the expense of replacing the fuel pump I would check the spark plugs first. If you have a cranking engine - sufficient spark - and fuel delivered to the cylinders - you only lack one thing to ignite the engine - no spark to ignite the mixture in the cylinders.

What happen if you put petrol into a disel engine?

gasoline in diesel will not cause a problem, the gas will actually clean the injectors and and will just burn off in normal running of the engine

Can leaking fuel injectors cause engine damage?

Very much so. Excess fuel caused by a leaking injector can wash the bore, this can cause a seizure. Also excess fuel can dilute the engine oil, again causing a possible engine seizure . And on a lighter note, leaking injectors can certainly damage the contents of your wallet.

Can metal fragments in fuel damage a TDI engine?

Metal fragments in the fuel can damage any engine! They clog fuel lines, injectors (if the engine has them) and fuel filters, causing problems getting enough fuel to the engine. The fragments that make it through to the cylinders can cause scratches in the cylinder walls, the intake and exhaust valves. These prevent good seals and reduce the power of the engine and can eventually cause permanent damage.

Does fuel injectors cause check engine light to come on?

They can, but it could be many other things. You need the error code to find out what.

Will the throttle postition sensor cause the 1992 Chevy 1500 5.7 liter not to crank when hot?

A bad TPS might cause the engine to not fire up during cranking. But not crank? Nope.

1989 Honda civic The starter is turning over but its not getting gas is it the fuel pumb or the injectors?

If the starter is turning over on the 1989 Honda Civic but the engine is not getting gas, the problem is more likely the fuel pump than the injectors. Clogged injectors might cause difficult starts but a damaged fuel pump will cause the vehicle to receive no fuel at all.

What causes the engine to start but kill instantly on a 1997 oldsmoblie achieva?

the passlock antitheft system will cause a lack of fuel enable to injectors.

What causes to lose engine power on a 92 Honda cvic dx?

A blocked fuel filter could cause the engine to lose power on a 92 Honda Civic DX. Fuel injectors that need changing or cleaning could also be the cause.

What will cause your car not to turn over?

When you say, that it won't "turn over", it is assumed that the engine will not crank when you attempt to engage the starter. If it's cranking but the engine isn't starting the following doesn't apply. If it's not cranking... Usually it's battery, alternator or battery terminals. If that isn't the problem start checking the neutral lockout, the keyswitch or the starter and/or solenoid.

Can leaky injectors cause backfire?

Not typically. Usually backfiring is caused by either a damaged distributor cap or an engine ignition that is seriously mis-timed.

Would a loud backfire through the intake manifold while cranking engine on 93 grand am sohc mean that you just ruined a valve cause it started yesterday with no problem and today this happened?

Yes...all valves bent...smacked piston...good old interference engines. Started cranking really fast cause valves stuck open from overheat then...BAM...backfire out intake after only 15seconds of cranking...Head back off again. answering own question. Impossible to say. You need to find out why it backfired. Suggest you do a compression test.

What can cause engine sputtering in a car that makes the engine shake so bad that it vibrates the entire car?

A cylinder misfiring can cause this sympton, check/replace spark plugs and plug wires. Also, sputtering and shaking can be caused by engine timing, have the timing checked. Another cause can be fouled fuel injectors on fuel injected vehicles.

Does carbin bildup on fuel injectors cause backfire?

Normally you do not get carbon buildup on injectors. They can get gummed a little, or blocked, but that should not cause backfire. Check timing.