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91 Seville's use coolant tabs from factory, that can lead people to think they have engine problems. You should have your car a check by a mechanic who can use special tools to check for blown head gaskets or other problems.

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Q: What could cause oil in your coolant overflow and radiator but no coolant in oil in a 91 Seville?
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What would cause the coolant and transmission fluid to combine and be visible in the overflow for coolant?

broken radiator

What causes coolant reservoir overflow or backup?

The radiator cap could be the cause of coolant reservoir overflow or backup. Have the cap checked to see if it is bad.

What could cause coolant to overflow even though engine temperature is normal on a cool day and no coolant was added?

An old or non-working radiator cap.

Will a Bad heater core in my 91 ford tempo cause the overflow and radiator to empty?

Only if the coolant is leaking from the heater core, but you will see this.

Does using radiator stop leak cause the coolant in the overflow tank to look like sludge?

Yes, stop leak turns into a thick substance to plug any leaks, when it ends up in the overflow bottle it turns into sludge there.

Why is 91 Honda accord ex coolant radiator is cracked?

If the radiator is cracked then the vehicle has ran dry on coolant. This would cause the radiator to crack if there wasn't any coolant.

Why are you losing coolant out of your overflow?

There could be several reasons. Under normal operation, the vehicle will experience this as the coolant heats up and expands into the over flow. A bad water pump, low level of coolant, as well as a clogged radiator could also cause this problem.

What could be the hissing sound that comes from under the car when the engine is turned off after a drive?

Could be a leak in a radiator hose, or radiator. ==Answer 2, Another Possibility== It could also be the radiator cap pressure relief valve action which vents coolant and/or coolant vapor to the coolant overflow reservoir/tank when steam is created in the coolant passages in the engine block. When the engine is shut off, the residual heat in the block can cause the additional pressure and/or steam.j3h.

What causes coolant to boil and overflow?

Engine coolant temperature is cooled by the radiator, moved by a water pump and controlled by a thermostat. If there are troubles with any of those components the coolant will boil Also if the head gasket goes bad gasses from combustion inside the engine will get into the coolant and cause it to boil.

Why is my Grand Wagoneer heater blowing cold air?

Often the cause for loss of heat in a vehicle is low coolant levels. Double check the coolant levels in your radiator overflow tank (unless it is a system flush never add fluid directly to your radiator) and refill it if neccessary. Do this while the engine is running for best results.

What would cause the 1995 Oldsmobile aurora transmission fluid in overflow tank?

I suspect that the transmission cooler that is built into your radiator has leaked fluid internally into the coolant part of the rad and into the rest of the cooling system.

What is the main cause for dodge caravan overheating when driving slowly in traffic?

Low coolant or an inoperative radiator fan.Low coolant or an inoperative radiator fan.

What would cause an overflow of coolant in the reservoir in a dodge intrepid?

Low oil causing the coolant to heat up to the point in which it's doing more harm than good so it's pushed into the overflow

What would cause water poured into the radiator to pour from the intake hose?

too much water added the overflow is designed to let out water.onece the radiator reaches the required pressure,the excess water is exhausted thru the overflow

My 97 Pontiac Transport low coolant light is constantly flashing even though the radiator is full of antifreeze what could cause this condition?

The coolant sensor is in the overflow tank, make sure it is full to the cold line. If it still stays on the level sensor might need replacing

Why would the water in your radiator turn thick and yellow after overheating. This was both in the radiator and the overflow.?

The most likely cause of this is a blown head gasket dumping oil back into the coolant passages. The oil will mix with the glycol in the antifreeze and make a thick yellow paste. It is very important to flush the cooling system after the repair or this sludge will cause heating problems.

Why does the coolant-water in the 1996 Ford Taurus GL overflow to the radiator reservoir causing the coolant-water to boil out a sealed cap which was replaced along with a new reservoir?

When changed air was introduced to the system theres two little nozzles you have to open up and turn your car on to release the air. Let it go till coolant is constantly squirting out of both of those holes then while its still squirting out close them problem solved. It is also possible that the reservoir was too full to begin with. Most coolant reservoirs have a minimum and maximum fluid level which should be maintained. Too much fluid will cause overflow and too little fluid can cause the radiator to operate at less then 100% efficiency.

What cause engine to run hot on a PT cruiser?

Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.Normal causes are low coolant and an inoperative radiator fan.

Will a bad radiator cap cause excessive pressure that will cause the coolant to boil off instead of circulating through the engine?

No. Excessive pressure will not cause the water to boil off quickley. It will cause the radiaor hose or other components to burst causing loss of coolant. A bad radiator cap can cause high or low pressure; low pressure will cause the coolant to boil at a lower temperature.

What would cause the antifreeze to or overflow out of the tank of a 2007 Chevy aveo?

The system was overfilled and purged the excess coolant.

What is the cause of overheating if there are no leaks in the radiator no leaks in the hoses but the coolant spews up from the tank where the coolant is poured into?

Probably the thermostat is sticking.

Does the wrong size cap cause coolant level to drop?

An incorrectly fitted radiator cap can allow coolant to escape the system.

Why would your coolant leak on your 2002 Chevy pickup?

There are a number of reasons: 1. Faulty thermostat can cause the fluid to overheat and expand; thus causing the fluid to vent from the overflow pipe. 2. A punctured radiator hose, or a broken seal can cause loss of fluid. 3. Damaged radiator core.

Why would you lose coolant in the reserve bottle of a 1995 Civic even when radiator hose pipes are in perfect state?

Most commonly this is due to overheating or a blown head gasket. Overheating causes the coolant to expand, and rush into the resevoir, then overflow it. When cool, the coolant that remains will be sucked back into the engine. A blown head gasket can cause the coolant to enter the firing chambers of the engine then be blown out the tailpipe, or the compression can leak into the coolant area and push the coolant out, or allow the coolant to get into the oil pan.

Can radiator cap cause overheat?

Yes, if it is not holding pressure or is allowing a coolant leak.