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What could cause the air bag light to come on the horn to stop working and the cruise control to stop working all at the same time in a 2000 Dodge Caravan?

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2008-09-23 17:34:53

I have the same model and year. There is a RECALL Service

Advisory for a Clock Spring (at dealer, no charge) device that was

found to be defective. You might want to look it up on the recall

pages all over the internet and then get to a dealer. Good Luck.

the problem is the clock spring under the airbag and it will cost u

around 300 dollars and if u dont fix it u wont get a sticker ,if u

just had a steering rod put in then the person who fixed the

problem they r the ones who broke it and they should fix the

problem or u can take them too court.I just went threw the same

problem.The only way it can brake is buy the person who put in the

rod ,thats the only way to brake that good luck and get it

fix because every one needs there airbag and horn ok. sincerely MR


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