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Its probably a bad throwout bearing. Only one thing can do that. You eight have worped rotors or worped drums. You can find out wich one it is by engaging the emergancy brake SLOWLY and if you feel it its the rear and if you dont it the front. You need to be VERY carful when you do this. Driving slow and on a side street. Ray

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โˆ™ 2006-07-14 07:53:18
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Q: What could cause the clutch pedal to vibrate when it is pushed all the way?
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What could cause engine noise that stops when clutch is pushed in?

Many things, but a clutch bearing seems likely.

Could bad gas cause your car to vibrate?


Why does my truck move with the clutch pushed in?

If it doesn't move if in neutral, then it could mean the cable needs to be adjusted, or the clutch plate needs replacing.

No clutch pressure once depressed the clutch will not return could it be that there is a hydraulic leak?

yes hydraulic could cause this also the clutch pressure plate could be collapsed

Could a broken tire belt cause my car to vibrate after a accident?


What could cause a lose of power when using the clutch on your citi golf?

Because the clutch doesn't apply power

Would a faulty transfer case cause transmission problems 1988 ford 250xl 4x4?

could the tranfercase cause the clutch too hang up or is it the clutch slave,that could be hungup..

What could cause my 1997 Chevy 3500 engine to stall when the brake is pushed?

Does this happen when you come to a complete stop or while you are coming to a stop? Is this Truck Automatic or Standard? Brake booster could be something, Torque Converter Clutch Valve not disengaging(Automatic).

I have a problem starting a 1996 Honda Civic I heard it might be the clutch relay because it's like trying to start the car without having the clutch pushed in. Any ideas on what could cause this?

If the clutch switch failed then the car will not start unless the switch is bypassed. The purpose of a clutch safety switch is to prevent the car from dangerously starting, so when it malfunctions that car will not start without it switch off.

Your Saturn is stuck in reverse Could it be the clutch linkage?

There isn't any linkage, it has a cable, check to see if the cable is loose. There is a U clip that holds the cable in place,if the U clip is in place and there isn't any slack in the cable, it could be your tranny. Is the clutch disengaging? If when you push the clutch in the engine can be turned over or the car can be pushed, it is not a problem with the clutch.

On a 1990 Isuzu Amigo what would cause the clutch pedal to stick to the floor?

if its hydraulic there could be air in your line. bleed your clutch and refill.

Why does the Gear pop out of place and grind when clutch pedal is pushed in is there need of a new clutch or a new transmission?

It could be either one. it may be your tranny not doing its job 100% or it could be that your clutch could be bad. but you'd have to really look and see whats wrong, before you even atempt to try replacing something, when it could have been the other. then it'll have cost more.

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