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What could cause you to vomit blood?

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Ulcers. Infection of the stomach lining. Serious food poisoning. See a doctor immediately, go to the emergency room, do not wait to see if it gets better.

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Could their be blood with vomit when making yourself vomit?


Does dehydration cause you to vomit blood?


Can low blood sugar cause you to vomit?


Can you die from bloody vomit?

Yes, if enough blood is bleeding into your stomach or digestive system, and often it does not cause you to vomit until there is a large amount of blood loss. Any time you vomit blood, you should seek immediate medical care.

What could cause yellow vomit and mucous when there is food in the stomach?

When you look at Daniel Baxter you will get yellow vomit

What does it mean when you vomit liquid and blood?

If you have blood in your vomit it very well could mean that you have a ulcer. It would be best that you go to a doctor. Better safe then sorry.

What would make a person vomit blood?

can asthma make you vomit blood

What happens when you get drunk and vomit with blood?

if you vomit blood and you are drunk you probably have alcohol poisoning.

What is the Medical term meaning blood in vomit and feces?

Blood in vomit is hematemesis, and blood in feces is melena or hematochezia.

What medical terms have the suffix -emesis?

to vomit as in hematemesis, to vomit blood.

What to do if there is blood in your stools or vomit?

Please go to ER immediately. You could be bleeding internally and losing more blood than you are seeing. It could be from an ulcer, but many other things can cause this as well. This is serious, please don't fool around because you are afraid.

What makes you pass wind burp and vomit?

Lots of things could cause these symptoms. Sometimes, indigestion is the cause.

What is the medical term meaning blood in vomit?

Hematemesis is the medical term meaning blood in vomit.

Can you vomit if you eat a chocolate chip cookie after eating shrimp?

You can vomit from many things. Eating a chocolate chip cookie immediately after eating shrimp is a gross flavor combination. It could cause you to vomit.

Why home dogs vomit blood and stop eating?

Dogs vomit quite easily, but if the vomit contains blood it is very important to take the dog to the vet immediately. It is difficult to know why a dog is vomiting blood, it could be due to sickness, like the parvo virus or kidney failure, which is likely if vomiting takes place with a loss in appetite. It could also be due to an obstruction in the innards.

What causes a person to spit up blood?

This can be caused by stomach ulcers. If the person was subjected to some type of physical trauma to the chest or stomach, this could be another cause. However, a doctor should be sought for anyone experiencing blood in their vomit.

Could pancreas problems cause you to vomit?

Yes, it can. Pancreas problems can cause fluid and air to build up in the stomach, which can cause severe vomiting.

What does hematomesis mean?

To vomit blood.

Is it normal to puke blood?

You should make an appointment with your docter immediately. Vomiting blood can be very bad. Causes are varied: You may find blood in your vomit for various reasons, including: Ingested blood. If you swallow blood - during a nosebleed, for example - subsequent vomiting may include some of this blood. Prolonged or vigorous vomiting. Vomiting may cause a tear in the small blood vessels of the throat or lower esophagus. This may cause blood to appear in your vomit. Peptic ulcers. Peptic ulcers are open sores that develop on the lining of the stomach, upper small intestine or esophagus. In addition to feeling a burning pain anywhere from your navel to your breastbone, you may vomit blood that appears red or dark. Internal inflammation. Inflamed tissue in the esophagus, stomach (gastritis) or upper part of the small intestine may cause blood to appear in your vomit. Cancer. Various types of cancer may cause you to vomit blood, including cancers of the stomach and esophagus. Vomiting red blood indicates that the bleeding began shortly before you vomited. If the blood is black or appears dark brown and has the texture of old coffee grounds, the blood has been in your stomach for a longer time.

What could cause high blood pressure in a 19 year old?

What could cause high blood pressure in 19 year old

Where can magnesium found in abundance?

Magnesium is found insids the posinious tree frogs blood stream. To extract it from the frog, insert a nosel that can reach into the frogs body, it will cause them to vomit and the magnesium will come out along with the vomit.

Why does your puppy vomit?

cause if you give him/her a type of snack their body doesnt want then he/she will vomit it out

Can crohns disease cause you to vomit blood?

It can if your stomach and upper intestines are actively involved. Vomiting blood at any time is serious and medical assistance is immediately required. Some of the medications used to treat a Crohn's flare can irritate the lining of the stomach causing bloody vomit.

Why is your 3 year old vomiting blood?

A little blood in the vomit is usually nothing to worry about, as the vomiting can cause breakages in the blood vessels lining the esophagus. The blood may also be from a small cut in the mouth or perhaps a nosebleed. Call a doctor ir your toddler continues to have blood in his vomit or the amount increases. If the blood resembles dark coffee grounds, take your toddler to the emergency room (bring a sample of the blood with you for the doctors).

Are you sick when you vomit?

Usually yes...You may vomit if you are sick. But if you vomit, it could be from car sickness, stomachache, & more.