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Well I think that it is most like the timing is of have it check asap it takes FIVE minutes


Throttle position sensor That would depend on what year and make of the car you have. If it's an older vehicle that's carbuerated, you simply adjust your idle screw on the side of the carbuerator (look for your throttle cable where it attaches to the carb) until it idles at the proper speed. It could be a dirty air cleaner or bad fuel filter. It could be a vacuum leak. It could be missing on several cylinders - does it shake as it tries to idle?

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โˆ™ 2009-07-13 02:30:59
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Q: What could the problem be when your car idles too slow and dies when you let off of the gas pedal?
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What would make a Chevy throttle bottle die when you press the gas pedal?

If the engine idles ok but dies when you press the gas pedal, check the operation of the choke and throttle baffles, that the fuel filter is not clogged, and that the fuel pump is operatong correctly. If everything checks out ok, then the problem is emmissions related (possible clogged catalyctic converter, muffler, etc).

What might be the problem if your 1995 Chevy blazer starts but idles really high and when you hit the gas or put it in gear it dies?

YOU WILL DIE! have you check your IAC ??

If my car idles for a minute then dies what is wrong?

vacuum leak.

Your 1996 Dodge Dakota dies at a stop but idles like a champ what could be the cause?

Hey.Is it a 6 or v8? and have you checked it for any trouble codes?

Whats wrong when a 1977 caprice classic idles good when warm but dies when you step on the gas?

Adjust your carb, otherwise, it's a problem with gas getting to the carb while accelerating.

Why does my 1990 Chevrolet Silverado run for 30 minutes and the check engine light comes on when its warm It idles rough and dies on highway with a random check engine light?

Have vehicle scanned to determine problem and recover codes Could be a bad coolant temperature sensor

If a car sound good and idles good but when put in gear will only move slow until it dies can this be a transmission problem?

The trans won't cause it to die. Try changing the fuel filter.

What does it mean when a car wont start without being jumped and dies when it idles?

Defective alternator.

4.2 liter ford idles but dies when you try tp move?

If the engine idles and revs up okay in neutral, it is likely the torque converter clutch lock up solenoid.

1997 Ford Aspire idles rough and dies at a stop Why?

Could be a vacuum leak Could be a bad spark plug or wire Could be a bad valve (do a compression test) Coild be a bad coil if equipped with COP (Coil on Plug)

Why does 97 grand marquis start with acceleration pedal in the cold and once in a while it dies?

Had that problem in my 1996, solved by replacing the serpentine belt and belt tensioner

Ford Tempo 1991 runs but dies in drive or reverse?

Yeah my 1991 Ford Tempo does the same thing it starts and idles no problem but if i stop at a gas station and leave it running and come back out to the car i put it in reverse or drive it dies every once in a while

When clutch is engaged engine dies?

Could be low idle speed setting. Always give plenty of throttle when releasing clutch pedal

Car dies when not pressing gas pedal?

what kind of car is it

The car dies when it idles?

sounds like the fuel regulator might be bad or the ignition switch needs change

Where is the main relay on a Honda accord?

In hot weather my Honda Accord 2000 starts but idles rough and dies.

Why 1993 grand am dies when put in gear New head valves lifters chain sprayed everywhere with carb spray checking for vacuum leak barely idles revs up but drop in gear and dies no trouble codes?

Turned out to be the coil pack housing. Replaced and problem solved.

My car dies when I'm driving - When I press the gas the car dies - The car also idols too hard - what could be the problem?

It could be the fuel pump.

What to do when 91 lumina strats 4 30 second then dies it strats but dies?

Could be a fuel delivery problem, start with replacing the fuel filter.

Engine almost dies when put in revers?

Could be a transmission problem, assuming an automatic transmission.

On my 81 Chevy 305 idles rough and dies a lot how do i fis this?

could be a thousand simple things from spark plugs to bad fuel i usually only have that trouble when using gas from Hess or bp

Engine starts then dies?

I experienced this same problem before too. The security system could be the problem. The imobaliser shuts of the car if it thinks there is a problem with the ignition(if it was hotwired).

Your Yamaha blaster starts and idles but when you rev it dies and makes a weird knocking sound from engine?

you broke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dumb bo

Car stalls when gas pedal is pressed?

Have the same problem. 1999 ford escort. When at dead stop, sometimes, when peddal is pressed to go, car dies. Also , lately, chokes and dies at startup. Seems to be when its hot, .....I live in Hawaii. If you found the solution, radio it to me. Thanks, its been hard to find a similar problem

Pontiac transsport 3.8 1994 wont start Tries to turn over sputters and then dies. or turns over sputters starts idles up high and dies. Does one or the other?

This might be an air or fuel problem at the most basic diagnostic level without looking at it or asking more questions.