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What could the problem be when your car idles too slow and dies when you let off of the gas pedal?


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2009-07-13 02:30:59
2009-07-13 02:30:59

Well I think that it is most like the timing is of have it check asap it takes FIVE minutes


Throttle position sensor That would depend on what year and make of the car you have. If it's an older vehicle that's carbuerated, you simply adjust your idle screw on the side of the carbuerator (look for your throttle cable where it attaches to the carb) until it idles at the proper speed. It could be a dirty air cleaner or bad fuel filter. It could be a vacuum leak. It could be missing on several cylinders - does it shake as it tries to idle?


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If the engine idles ok but dies when you press the gas pedal, check the operation of the choke and throttle baffles, that the fuel filter is not clogged, and that the fuel pump is operatong correctly. If everything checks out ok, then the problem is emmissions related (possible clogged catalyctic converter, muffler, etc).

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Hey.Is it a 6 or v8? and have you checked it for any trouble codes?

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Adjust your carb, otherwise, it's a problem with gas getting to the carb while accelerating.

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