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Alexander conquered Egypt, Cyprus, India,Macedonia, and the whole of Greece.

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How did Alexander conquer other country?

he fought with the king of those other countries

What modern day countries did Alexander the great conquer?

Egypt, India, Greece, etc.

Did the peoples of Ancient Greece ever conquer other countries?

Yes, Alexander The Great conquered many other countries such as Egypt.

Alexander the great as a boy?

Alexander III watched his father, Philip II, conquer more and more empires and countries. When Alexander was 13-years-old, he was given control of his father's kingdom

Did Alexander conquer Persia?

Yes, he did.

Did Alexander conquer Babylon?


How many countries did the Normans conquer?

How amy countries did the Normans conquer over out of all?

What was the Empire Alexander the Great was determined to conquer?

Alexander the Great was determined to conquer, overrun, rule the ACHAEMENID PERSIAN EMPIRE.

Why did Alexander the great conquer a small religion?

He didn't conquer a religion, he conquered nations.

Did Alexander the great concar babalon?

Alexander the Great did indeed conquer Babalon.

What empire did Alexander conquer?

The Persian Empire.

What did Alexander the great do for the world?

He conquer the land

Which country did Alexander the great not conquer?


Did Alexander the Great conquer Syria?

Yes he did not!

Who was Alexander the Great and what did he do?

he was a conquer who lead an army

Did Alexander conquer Afghanistan?

For a short time.

Who conquer Mesopotamia from Greece?

Alexander the Great.

How did Alexander the Great conquer?

By force of arms.

What kingdoms did Alexander conquer?

The Persian Empire.

When did Alexander conquer Greece?

Alexander the Great did not conquer Greece. Greece was a collection of independent city-states, most of which were conquered by Alexander's father, Philip of Macedon. Alexander inherited Greece from his father.

What two things did Alexander accomplish in Egypt?

Alexander showed that you can conquer if you believe and try

After conquering Greece Alexander the Great conquered which regions?

After conquering and uniting Greece Alexander went on to conquer the major countries of Asia Minor and the Middle East. Alexander defeated the Persian king, Darius III, and united the Persian Empire with Greece.

Which countries did emperor Nero conquer?

Nero did not conquer any lands.

How many countries did Alexander the Great conquer?

Alexander the Great conquered the persian empire, (lands from asia minor, syria, afghanistan all the way down to egypt), and up to pakistan and india. hope i helped :)

What Persian capital did Alexander the Great conquer?


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