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Alexander the great conquered Persia, the great Greek City States, and the region of Thrace.

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What countries did Hitler not conqer?

Sweden, Finland, Switzerland, Russia doesn't that suck

What ancient countries were conquered by Alexander the Great?

Kurayami: one of the countries he conquered was Egypt.

What was Alexander III remembered for?

he was remembered for he great leadership and all the countries he concord

Why was Alexander called Alexsander the Great?

Because he was powerful and invaded a lot of countries.

What did Alexander the great do when he became king?

he took over greece and many other countries.

What were the cultural consequences of Alexander the great's empire?

Since Alexander the Great and his army came from Macedonia, the Macedonian culture was spread to many countries in the Mediterranean region. The practice of men shaving their beards was also originated by Alexander the Great.

Did the peoples of Ancient Greece ever conquer other countries?

Yes, Alexander The Great conquered many other countries such as Egypt.

Was Alexander the great a megalomaniac?

Yes, because he desired power and conquered 14 or more countries.

Who succeded Alexander the Great?

Alexander IV of Macedonia who was the son of Alexander the Great

Alexander the great as a boy?

Alexander III watched his father, Philip II, conquer more and more empires and countries. When Alexander was 13-years-old, he was given control of his father's kingdom

When did Alexander the great get married and with who?

Alexander the Great did not get married.

What was Alexander the great plans?

what was Alexander the great plans

Why is Alexander called the great?

Because he conquered and ruled so many countries and created a vast empire

What countries did the four generals of Alexander the great ruled?

Macedonia Egypt Selukid Kingdom Persia Baktria

How many countries did Alexander the Great rule over?

They were not countries in today's terms - cities, tribes, principalities etc. They stretched from Libya to Central Asia.

How many countries did Alexander the Great conquer?

Alexander the Great conquered the persian empire, (lands from asia minor, syria, afghanistan all the way down to egypt), and up to pakistan and india. hope i helped :)

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