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Germany invaded several contries in Europe

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Q: What countries did Germany invade and occupy in World War 2?
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What countries did Germany occupy in world war 2 in 1940?

in 1940 Germany occupied Denmark Holland Luxembourg Belgium France and Poland and were preparing to invade the soviet union

Why did Germany and Japan invade other countries?

World Domination

Which countries did Germany occupy during World War 2?

all countries in europeapart from iceland, briton and the neutral countries

When Germany began world war 2 in 1939 secret agreement with the USSR allowed soviet troops to?

Invade and occupy a part of Poland .

Did Germany invade Canada in world war 2?

Germany did not invade Canada, ever.

Which countries did germany invade and then occupy during ww2?

i know france for part of world war 2 _____ bascally all of Europe apart from Ireland, The United Kingdom, Sweeden, Switzerland, Spain and Portugal.

Who the heck is Hitler?

he was a man in world war 2 that led the Germans and Germany to conquer and invade other countries.

What two countries did US occupy after world war 2?

Germany and France. The part of Germany that they occupied was eventually called West Germany, while the Russians occupied East Germany.

How many countries did Germany invade during World War 2?

1938Austria1939CzechoslovakiaPoland1940DenmarkNorwayBelgiumLuxembourgFranceJersey/Guernesey (U.K.)1941YugoslaviaGreeceLithuaniaLatviaEstoniaU.S.S.R.1943ItalyAlbaniaMonaco1944HungarySan Marino

Did Germany occupy Iceland in world war 2?

they did not

After invading Poland in World War 2 why did Germany start to invade other countries?

the had a merry time and ate lots of pizza

Did America invade Germany in World War 2?


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