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Hitler took other Austria and Czechoslovakia before WW2 and Poland at start of World War 2.


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Austria and Czechoslovakia and bits of other countries.

The last countrry to be invaded by the Nazi's in the second world war prior to their defeat was Estonia in 1941.

Austria and Czechoslovakia were annexed and invaded prior to Poland being attacked with a blitzkrieg style of attack in September 1939.

It was when Germany occupied Czechoslovakia. But the first country was Poland. = =

Hitler wanted to rule the world and he set out invading neighboring countries. On September 1, 1939 Hitler invaded Poland and that was the last step for England and France who promptly declared war on Germany.

There were 7 countries who won the world cup. All were hosts.

Prior to World War II, Britain tried a strategy of appeasement with Hitler. It didn't work, and Hitler ended up taking Austria and Czechoslovakia.

Ghamberlain, the British Prime minister, returned to UK with a 'piece of paper' which said Hitler had no more European countries on his list after the Sudetenland. Oh dear ! Czechoslovakia would be invaded & then came Poland. Simply Hitler was not a man of his word !

Hitler annexed Austria, Sudetenland and the Rhineland prior to going after Poland.

He escaped punishment in this world by committing suicide prior to capture.

It is debatable but the countries occupied by Italy prior to the outbreak of world war 2 were: Austria, Ethiopia, Mongolia, and other parts of Southern Europe and Northern Africa

March, 1938: Annexation of Austria and proclamation of 'Greater Germany' [Stage I]. Hitler was greeted with delirious enthusiasm in Linz and Vienna. October, 1938: Annexation of the Sudetenland to Germany (from Czechoslovakia) with the approval of Britain and France. March, 1939: Invasion of the rest of Bohemia and Moravia. March, 1939: Memel (Klaipeda district) of Lithuania annexed.

Prior to the outbreak of war, the nations of Europe fought political wars over territories abroad.

The Japanese were trying to invade Tulagi of the Solomon Islands and Port Moresby of New Guinea prior to the Battle of the Coral Sea.

A clique of militaristic officers and politicians gained control of several countries in the years prior to WWII, including Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini. Their aggressive tactics forced neighboring countries to either appease them or fight back.

Prior to World War 2 most of the world had never heard of Adolph Hitler. Of the ones who knew of him and understood his dastardly deeds they wanted someone in Germany to assassinate him. Some of the Germans thought the same thing. Over 40 attempts were made on his life.

Western democracies desperately wanted to avoid war, and therefore adopted a policy of appeasement toward Hitler prior to WW II.

Non-Aggression Pact with trade agreements . Refer to theMolotov-Ribbentrop Pact .

Prior to the Final Solution the Jews were ostracised and segregated.

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