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There are multiple countries that are governed by totalitarianism. One such country is North Korea. Iraq was also a totalitarian government when Saddam Hussein ruled.

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Q: What country is governed by totalitarianism?
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When did totalitarianism start?

Italy was the country where totalitarianism started. The fascist country brought this new type of government to light in 1923.

Tahiti is governed by what country?

Tahiti is governed by what country

What is a country governed by another country called?

If a country is governed by another country it becomes a colony.

What is the difference between totalitarianism and a republican government?

A Republic is a form of government wherein the citizens elect Representatives to pass the laws by which they live. In Totalitarianism, a group or individual rules without the consent of the governed.

Is Italy communism?

no it used to be totalitarianism but now is a fascist country

Does totalitarianism and communism often coexist in the same country?


Who are the Galapagos islands governed by?

The Galapagos Islands belong to the country of Ecuador in South America, thus governed by this country.

How are the ideas of totalitarianism and tsarism similar?

Totalitarianism is when a single party has control over the country. Tsarism is when the Czar has authority over everything in the country. Both ideas make one person or party in control of the entire country giving them absolute power.

Was Canada governed by another country at one time?

Canada was governed by the British.

What some are characteristics of totalitarianism?

Many scholars consider totalitarianism as specific type of autocratic regime which features 1) a charismatic leader, 2) public conception of power, 3) official state ideology, 4) and perception of legitimacy required on behalf of the governed.

A prrinciples by with a country governed?

the answer is constitution

What country did Hitler governed to?


What makes a country independent?

Not being governed by a foreign country.

In what country did anti-Semitism play an important role in the rise of totalitarianism?


What is a country governed by a president called?

A republic.

What country is Tahiti governed by?

French Polynesia

Who visited a country governed by horses?


What country originally governed Macau?


What is the difference between country and state?

A country generally has one name associated it and is governed by a President, Prime Minister, or King. States are sections of a country usually governed by Governor that received instructions from the ruler of the country.

What country did anti-semitism play a important role in the rise of totalitarianism?

Germany novanet

Is Cambodia a Communist country?

Cambodia is not a communist country. It is a kingdom and democratically governed.

Who governed Spain's colonies in the New World?

Representative from the mother country picked by the King or Queen governed the colony.

What European country governed India and Pakastan before independence?

UK governed India and Pakistan before independance.

What country governed the thirteen colonies?

Great Britain

How many continents are governed by one country?