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This is a difficult question due to the fact the the major three each played a crucial role in defeating Nazi Germany. Without Britain, the Germans would have conquered all of Europe and then been able to focus on the Soviet Union. Also without England, there would have been no place to stage Operation Overlord. This means that they would have had to invade Europe thru southern France. The Germans would have made this the key point of resistance.

Without the Soviet Union, the Wehrmacht would have never been bled to death. Remember Churchill could not believe it when the planners told him they were concerned that the invasion of Sicily might fail because there was the possibility of 2 German Panzer divisions. The Soviets dealt with well over 150 divisions on the eastern front. Also the losses suffered by the Soviet Union would have forced either the UK or the US to the negotiating table. The Soviets lost, some say, over 20 million direct and indirect combatants.

And then there is the US. Without lend lease, neither the UK nor the Soviet Union could have continued the struggle. Also the US' daylight bomber campaign destroyed the Germans ability to make the implements of war. Without these two ingredients the Germans would have won. So to answer your question it is really impossible to say that this or that country was the key to the defeat of Nazi Germany. Without the UK, there would have been no US lend lease. Without the Soviet Union, the Germans would have been able to concentrate solely on the UK and destroyed them. Imagaine no Operation Barbarossa. This would have meant that Hitler could have sent as many Panzer divisions to Rommel as he needed. Also he would have had ample Luftwaffe assets to drive the Royal Air Force from the skies. In this scenario, Rommel would have succeeded in defeating the British 8th Army, seizing Egypt and the Suez and ultimately all the oil in the Middle East. And never forget the southern route for lend lease, with the Germans in control, this would have been closed. And this might have also forced Turkey into the war, although it is arguable whether this would have been a help or hinderance upon Germany, as Turkey was not ready to fight a major war. And we all know that without the US the other two could not have managed to keep on fighting the Germans.

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Q: What country played the main part in winning World War 2?
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