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What did people think of Hitler?

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because he was the best the great one who controlled all Europe so easy and who could defeat the us one on one everybody knows that and also he was a bad guy who hates other races especially the Jews that's the answer =)

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Who was Hitler prejudice about?

Jewish people, I think.

Do people think Hitler did the right thing?


What was the situation in Germany that allows Hitler to become popular?

People thought Hitler was good. Hitler lied to his people, to make them think that the people he killed were disgusting. but in reality . they are not.

Why do people think Hitler was a villain?

because he saved millions of people

How many people named their kid Hitler?

well no one knows but i think a lot of people name there kid hitler

Why did Adolf Hitler think Germans were a supreme people?


What do people think of Hitler today?

he is smart man for men

What did Hitler think of black people?

Hitler thought all blacks sub-human and killed many off.

Did Hitler fear black people?

i dont think he feared balck people :P

Why did Hitler have a toothbrush mustache?

It was because toothbrush moustaches were fashionable then (i think) but after Hitler died people didn't like them, however some people still were them.

Why were people not grateful of Hitler after he came to power?

they do not think he was a great part of history they think he was a scoundrel

Why did adlof Hitler die?

some people think her killed himself!

How did Hitler effect the German people?

Caused blind nationalism I think

What human being has killed the most people?

I think it was Adolf Hitler.

Did people think Adolf Hitler had children?

No. There is no evidence, either through blood, or DNA, that links any children to Hitler.

What were some different views on Hitler?

Although a few people may think Hitler was a good person (with which I completely disagree), many (almost all) think that he was evil.

What do Jewish people think of Hitler?

Probably what you'd expect. I imagine they'd try not to "think" of him at all.

Why was swastika used by Hitler?

The swastika, until used by Hitler, was thought of as the universal sign of peace. It was used by Hitler to make people think that the Nazis were peaceful and good.

What did Hitler think of others?

Some historians suggest that Hitler was a sociopath, having little empathy for people and manipulating them to suit his needs.

Was what Hitler did in the holocaust right?

Depends on what you think is right, but in saying this, Hitler did kill many, many Jewish people because of their race.

Why did Hitler target gypsies mental patients or homosexuals?

Hitler targeted those other people because he didn't think they were pure.

What did Hindenburg think about Hitler?

Hindenburg think about Hitler because hitler was growing with very fast rate in the germany

Did adlof Hitler have children?

No Hitler did not have any children. People are to think that if he did he would just do the same to the kids as he did to the Jews or treat them like slaves . That is a wrong thing to do. no Hitler did not have kids

How did Hitler change the lives of the people that he controlled?

How did Hitler change the lives of the people that he controlled? He twisted the minds of the people in Germany. Making them think that they are the best and that the Jews were the reasons for there poverty. Anyone that appose Hitler would die so that he would have a group of people that would be in one mind!

Why did Hitler take revenge?

he didn't he just didn't think Jewish people belonged

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