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What did the German people think of Hitler?

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Answer 1The highest percentage of the nationwide vote obtained by the Nazis in free elections was 37% in July 1932. This wasn't quite the resounding endorsement that Hitler wanted.

From 1938-44 public opinion in Germany was monitored by something akin to 'mass observation'. The survey was headed by professional journalists and they managed to persuade the régime to guarantee confidentiality for all their sources, so one can have some confidence in the results. These have been published and cover 17 volumes.

Hitler was quite popular and his popularity peaked on June 1940 with the very easy German victory over France. After the siege of Stalingrad it fell inexorably.

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How did Hitler effect the German people?

Caused blind nationalism I think

Do people think Hitler was German?

yes but he was in fact born in austria and raised as a jew

What did Hitler preach to the German people?

ask the people in german

In 2011 2010 doesn't German think that Hitler is a hero?

No, they do not think that Hitler is a hero.

What kinds of people did hitler not target?

German people and Aryan people who's german

How did Hitler plan to sell the German People?

He didn't plan to 'sell the German people'.

Who picked Hitler as ruler?

The German people did.

Who elected Hitler as a government?

The German people did.

What did Adolf Hitler promise the German people and how did he act on this promise?

Whid Adolf Hitler promise the German people and how did he act upon the promise

What elements of human nature did Hitler capitalize?

Hitler capitalized on the human instinct of hating people who are different from us. He made the German people think the Jews were a lower class that needed to be exterminated.

What did Hitler claim when he united Germany and Austria?

Hitler claim that he was uniting all German speaking people in one greater German.

What did the German people call Hitler?

Führer (Leader).

Why did the German people listen to Hitler?

he inspired nationalism

Which of these did Hitler not blame for Germany's problems?

The German people

What were the consequences of Hitler actions for the German people?

They died

What languages were spoken by Adolf Hitler?

Hitler spoke the German language.GermanHitler spoke German.

Do you think Hitler was a hero of the German people from 1933 to 1939?

He promised economic prosperity, restoration of greatness to Germany in the form of the Third Reich, and united the German people by blaming the Jews for the losses of WWI.

What did Hitler think about Germany?

He was in love with Germany. He believed in a German world.

Why did the German people think that Hitler would make a good leader?

because he didn't give up and wanted loads of power

What does a swastika mean according to Hitler?

the swastika meant prosperity, and that is what Hitler wanted for the German people. that is why Hitler used the swastika.

How did Hitler get permission for the Holocaust?

He got permission by being chosen by the people of Germany, he was elected with the people knowing that he did not think that Jews should be part of German society.

What did the German people think of the way Hitler was treating the Jews?

some people didn't like how he was treating them,but on the other hand others thought what he was doing was good

Why do you think that many people didnt notice the harrassment of German Jews before the war?

becuase hitler was a vary sneaky man and no one really noticed him...... i think

What year did Hitler unite German speaking people?


What did Adolf Hitler promise the German people?

world peace

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