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What do Christianity call thir god?


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those are some of the names god is reconized, but the true name is Yaweh


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We call HIM GOD the father God the son God the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ,Lord and Savior,

The followers of christianity calltheir supreme being God.

In my religion (Christianity) we call each other brothers and sisters in Christ.

Yes, there is only one God in Christianity.

He is called 'Allah' ____________________________________________ Called Allah in Arabic and God in English. He is the same God worshiped in all God religions including Christianity and Judaism.

How is the nature of God in Judaism different from God in Christianity

Russian Orthodox is a Orthodox branch of Christianity they would call god God the same as any other Christians in the world

Because Jesus Christ on which Christianity is based is the Son of God/God.

There is only One God in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.

God is biggest, so Christianity. Judaism and Christianity are from God and Judaism was the laying of the path for Christianity. Recieving of the Messiah- Christianity.

No if you read 1 Timothy chapter 2 verse 10 onwards , they should not preach the word of God.

Christianity is monotheistic, so it only has one god, known to Christians as God. To further distinguish the God of Christianity (and of Judaism and Islam) from other gods, he is sometimes called the Abrahamic God.

I am pretty sure considering the fact that Judaism and Christianity have the same god. Judaism just call god Jehovah (English spelling on name)

she sacrificed by mummifiying people , taking thir hearts, lungs,brains and other things then giving it all to a fake god.REMEMBER:GOD IS THE ONLY GOD HE WAS THE GOD OF ABRAHAM AND IS OUR GOD TO.HE WAS GOD THEN , GOD NOW , AND GOD FOREVER.

God 'founded' Christianity, and Jesus is God. So yes.

She was a person that followed Jesus Christ/God(Christianity/Catholic). She helped the poor, because she realized that she had the call from God to help them. She had a very strong faith in God.

The Land that God gave to the Israelites and which Jesus came to includes what we now call Palestine.

the Jews believe in only one God. They call him Jehovah. Judeaism is very close to Christianity

Christianity teaches that Jesus is the son of God. Islam teaches that Jesus was a messenger of God. Christianity teaches the concept of Original Sin. Islam does not. Islam teaches that Muhammad was a messenger of God. Christianity does not.

AnswerChristians believe that Jesus was sent by God to found Christianity.

Actually, Christianity becomes meaningless if Jesus is NOT God. If Jesus wasn't God, then he couldn't have risen from the dead or saved all the people from their sins. If that didn't happen Christianity is meaningless. If Jesus was not both God and man, then Christianity is meaningless

Christianity is holy as god is holy and we are his children.

God is the supreme being in Christianity.

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