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What do chow dogs look like?

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Chow Chow dogs are a Chinese Arctic Hauling(Sled) dog like a Husky, they also look a bit like a bear and a lion and are absolutely gorgeous! In Northern China and Mongolia they are called "Songshi Quan" which means "Puffy Lion Dog"

you should Google image search "Chow Chow" and "Songshi Quan" A COMMON MISCONCEPTION is that they have very bad temperaments. THIS IS NOT TRUE! I currently own 2 purebred Chow Chows, and my family bred them growing up. I have NEVER encountered a mean Chow, not a stranger's, not any that I or my parents owned... and my parents rescued a 3 year old male that was not neutered from an abusive home. They are a stubborn breed, though. If you want a dog that will ALWAYS listen to commands this isn't it, even if they are well trained, and they are given a command they TECHNICALLY will obey it. I.E. If you tell it to 'come' it may walk over to you then immediately turn and walk away.

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What does a golden retriever and chow mix dog look like?

They are very beautiful dogs. They look just like a golden retriever, but have a little chow in them. They have the same size as a golden retriever. They have a little bit wrinkled face like a chow, they are very beautiful dogs.

What does a pitt bull and chow chow puppy look like?

A chow chow looks like a cuddly lion.

What do chow chows paw look like?

what do chow chows paw look look

Why should puppies eat puppy chow instead of dog chow?

Because puppy chow is made from puppies, dog chow is made from dogs. Like eats like.

What do chow chow dogs eat?

All dogs are different and like different food. My Chow chow like Beneful, but your chow might like something else. Try different foods until you find one your dog likes.TIP: Your dog might get bored with the taste after a while, so try to switch it up :)

Are Panda dogs real?

No, 'Panda dogs' are usually Chow dogs, or some other breed of dog whose coat has been dyed to look like a Panda. And that can be dangerous for the dog.

Do you have to make puppy chow with life?

no u look up how to make puppy chow for puppies or how to make puppy chow for dogs why would you make it with life?

Is a chow chow a mammal?

Yes .They are dogs.

Can a chow look like another dog breed?

The answer is no you can never mistake a chow chow for another breed of dog

What dogs have a blue black tonque?

Chow Chow

Does anyone know of a rather new dog breed created with a mix of Chow Chow Great Pyrenees and a Keeshund?

Yes. Keeshonds are in one of my books, they look kind-of like chow-shaped huskies and are very fluffy and apparantly very good family dogs.

What dogs were cross to make a chow chow?

Labrador ghfuig

How long do chow chow dogs live?

Chow Chow dogs can live to the average of 15 years, but with good genes and good veterinary care some Chow Chows can live longer.The average life expectancy for a healthy Chow Chow is 11-12 years

How long is a chow dog pregnant?

Nine weeks, like all dogs.

How does a chow chihuahua look like?

It doesn`t

What would a west highland and a chow mix look like?

I have never heard of a westie / chow mix. Westies are very small dogs, about a foot and a half tall. Chows are very BIG dogs, making it very unlikely that you would come across mixes of these two breeds.

Do dogs have a blue tongue?

no, but some dogs have black and red spotted toungs Chinese Chow Chow dogs to have a blue or black tongue.

Was a chow chow breeded with a panda to make the chow chow panda?

animals that are not related cannot be bred to one another. even animals that are closely related (like donkeys and horses, or tigers and lions), rarely produce fertile offspring.bears and dogs are very very distantly related, but pandas the least of all.there is a fad currently where people are dyeing the fur of light-coloured chow chows to look like pandas.

What will an American bulldog cross chow look like?

They are beautifull I have a pure breed bulldog and chow chow they have had to liter and they are georgous I can show you pictures on my facebook they look like a lab with curly tail my dog is pure charole color

Do chow-chow dogs havce blue tongues?


Why does a dog look like a dog?

Dogs look like dogs because they ARE dogs.

Do people in olden days eat chow chow dogs?

Yes, they still do.

How tall can chow chow dogs get?

About 2 and a half feet tall or more.

What dogs have curvy tails?


What would a pure bred vizsla and pure bred chow chow look like?

Probably something like Nellie (a Vizsla/Chow Chow Mix) who is featured in the photograph further down this page, listed under Sources and Related Links.