What do does the Trojan Horse Downloader Swizzor BB virus do and how do you get rid of it?

"Trojan Horse": The horse was left in Troy as a gift. "Beware of gift Horses". For PCs the gifts installed as trojans may be screensavers, games, atomic clock updaters etc.... that really do work! ... but beware of gift horses! Downloader: Something that downloads other software, usually without your knowledge. Beware of sites with virus encyclopedia definitions indicating a Trojan Downloader as beiing non-destructive.. which may be true.. because the other things it downloads can be destructive... and not even considered to be virii (IE: keyloggers to get banking passwords). How do you get rid of it. I use Ad-aware, SpyBot and SpyBlaster. Be vert wary of any other spyware programs./. as some are soyware in disguise! These were not completely effective. Add HijaakThis to capture logs. Be careful in using this program, but note strange looking exe files. The names seem to vary alot, but have strange names. A system I cleaned included names like Flagdraw.exe and "clock kind idle bolt.exe" I beliebve swizzor uses some kind of dictionary to assemble the exe names based on a property of the computer infected so that each infected system gets files with different names. Mark down the exact names and full paths of the files since Ad-Aware and Spybot do not appear to fully clean them off the systems. Before running Ad-Aware and Spybot run MS-Config, turn off virtually everything in Startup (especially programs like MSN Messenger, Real Networks etc. that can serve to download malware... and o course everything you don't know... even things you do know like SYSTRAY could be malware in disguise!) Only AFTER running ad-aware and spybot manually remove the exes in the paths shown in Hijaak if they still exist. If they are in 'TEMP' folders delegte everything in the temp folder. Also clear your Internet Cache (Tools - Internet Options) and change your Advanced - Security settings to clear the internet cache each time you close the browser. Check that no malware type BHOs (Browser Helper Objects) remain by running HiJaak... more than once. (They may re-appear a few seconds after getting a clean scan). Check that your browser no longer has odd menus to shopping and gambling sites. Finally delete any odd desktop icons like Casino Online and Poker. If you cannot drop them into the recycle bin right click and Delete. DO THIS for each user... running ad-aware and Spybot under each user account!