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Put on new hoses.

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Q: What do you do if the fuel leaked and ripped up the hoses in your car?
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What aRe the black hoses underneath rear of car?

Fuel filler neck and vent, evaporative emission lines, brake lines, an axle vent, or rear washer hoses. What type of car is it and what size are the lines?

What is car fraud?

It is when you get ripped of in a car.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 2000 Saturn SL1?

drivers side of the car at the back Right beside the fuel tank Has 3 hoses to it as it also contains the fuel pressure regulator .....lots of $$$$

Where 2 find the part that the hoses hook to on the outside of gas tank 4 1989 fuel injection 22re 4x4 pickup?

Lower the fuel tank out of the car.

How do you relieve the fuel pressure before changing fuel filter on a 1992 Chrysler LeBaron?

Take 2 C-Clamps and tighten down both rubber hoses going into fuel filter ,then loosen screw on hose clamp and remove fuel filter.When taking hoses off fuel filter notice where each hose goes on fuel filter Connect new fuel filter to appropriate hoses ,tighten down hose clamp screw ,screw mount back into frame of car underside take C-clamps off Start car and check for leaks and tighten hose clamp screws if need be

Is my fuel pump going when there is gasoline leaked under the car and the car sputters while accelerating?

A gas leak with the car sputtering while accelerating could be a hole in the vacuum hose that controls the flow of gasoline out of the tank. This type of leak is usually not caused by the fuel pump itself.

All your antifreeze leaked out of your car while you were parked for an hourIt's back further not close to the radiator?

While the radiator and main hoses are generally near the front of the car, that is only a part of the car's cooling system. Included in that system are the heater lines and heater core. Look for smaller diameter hoses (about 3/4 to an inch in diameter) leading back to the firewall of your car, and inspect them for leaks. Hope this helps!

What are hoses for in a car?

Radiator hoses,Heater hoses,Power Steering hoses,Air Conditioning hoses,Vacuum hoses,

Where is the fuel pump on 87 Chevy chevette located?

from the front of the car in between the distributer and the coil there are two hoses going into the fuel pump it is a manual fuel pump. i think that the essayist fix is to buy an electric fuel pump to swap out. ^,^

Where is the fuel filter on a 98 vw 1.4 16v polo?

It is behind the fuel tank, if you lie on the floor and crawl under the car from the rear you will see it, towards the middle of the car, resting on the fuel tank, a cylinder with two hoses, one at either end, secured with a bracket.

What is wrong if there is a smell of fuel in the cabin of the car and a small amount of fuel close to the injectors and the fuel economy of the car has dropped?

Hey, have you checked all the hoses that are relative to the fuel system? One of them might have a split, or it might be a case of tightening up a few clamps around the engine bay. Good luck.

How often to replace car hoses?

Radiator hoses and heater hoses should be inspected yearly and replaced when neccessary.

Where is the fuel filter located on a Acura Integra?

Next to the firewall on the passenger side of the car. Should be black with two hoses comming off of the top.

Why can i smell petrol fumes in car smell in car?

Check the rubber fuel hoses between the fuel lines and intake system in the engine bay. They may be worn and in need of replacement. You can also "trim" them shorter and use new hose clamps to fasten.

Where is the fuel filter located on a 1991 Honda Accord LX?

The fuel filter is located under the hood of your car on the firewall behind the engine. It looks like a metal can with two hoses screwed to it with bolts.

How do you replace or change the fuel filter for a 2004 ford mustang 40th anniversary edition?

Under Car, In front of fuel tank up high, behind rear differential, disposible clips on hoses.

What would cause your car to sputter after changing the radiator and serpentine belt?

Coolant may have leaked into an electrical connection while disconnecting the hoses. Check the sensors located on the front of the engine and make sure that all electrical connections are dry.

Where is the fuel filter for a 95 j30 located?

The fuel filter is located on the passenger side near the firewall. It is a silver-colored cylinder with hoses on each end. You have to disconnect it from the car and try to pull it out far enough to pull the hoses off. My 1993 had really short hoses and it didn't come out far enough to change the darn thing by myself. Hopefully, they fixed the problem by 1995. Steven

Is it in line or on line?

The soldiers stood in line.An inline fuel filter in a car fits between two hoses and fuel flows through it.Online help, online dating, online gaming, modem is online.

What causes hydrocarbon in a car?

Unburned gas and escaped (leaked) gas.

Can an injector leak after the engine is shut off?

Mostly that's when it happens. Your car might start a bit more slowly than it should in that case because the fuel rail has to be repressurized since the fuel has all leaked out through leaky injectors.

What are the hoses that run from the firewall to the engine?

the large hoses feed your heater core to warm your car

What is a evap?

On a car the evap is the system the filter the air from the fuel tank. If you've got that light coming on, check the hoses and wires going to it. It should be located under the car not far from the fuel tank. If it's not there, check under the hood. It will have plastic or rubber lines running to it.

What do bigger hoses do for your car?

they do nothing they do nothing

How do you replace the fuel filter located on a 1996 Chevy Camaro V6?

Begin by removing the fuel pump fuse from the fuse panel. It should be a blue 15amp fuse. The fuse panel is inside your car, to the left of the steering column. Once removed, start the engine. After the engine fails to start (i.e. it stalls on you) don't worry, it just means there is no fuel going to the engine, so the engine is going to die. Attempt starting the car at least three more times and if the car doesn't start, then the fuel pressure has been released successfully. Make sure you turn the ignition to the OFF position before continuing. Now locate your fuel filter, it will be along the fire wall. It is a big cylinder with hoses on the top and bottom. Using an old towel or large rag to absorb all of the extra fuel, loosen the hose clamps and remove the filter and the hoses. You may also want to check the hoses at this point to see if they are worn or deteriorating. If they are hard, you need to replace them. The hose on the bottom will be attached to another hose with a bracket, remove the hose and replace later. Replace the fuel filter with a new high-pressure fuel filter in the correct direction and reinstall the hoses in the reverse steps. Put back the fuel pump fuse. Start the engine and check for leaks. Crank the starter to put fuel pressure back into the car as you did to release it. DONT WORRY IF YOUR CAR DOESNT START THE FIRST TIME. It's not supposed to. It will take a few tries to get the fuel pressure back up. If you have a fuel pressure gauge, normal is around 30 +/- 3 psi. I was unable to locate the fuse that will cut the fuel pressure. With the car turned off i went under the car, the filter is located behind the driver seat under the car. I didnt need any tools, i just pulled hoses out and reconected the new one. Be careful, about a cup or so of fuel poured out. The car started inmediatly.