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What do you do if the fuel leaked and ripped up the hoses in your car?


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2008-08-31 00:57:18
2008-08-31 00:57:18

Put on new hoses.


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Fuel filler neck and vent, evaporative emission lines, brake lines, an axle vent, or rear washer hoses. What type of car is it and what size are the lines?

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It is when you get ripped of in a car.

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drivers side of the car at the back Right beside the fuel tank Has 3 hoses to it as it also contains the fuel pressure regulator .....lots of $$$$

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A gas leak with the car sputtering while accelerating could be a hole in the vacuum hose that controls the flow of gasoline out of the tank. This type of leak is usually not caused by the fuel pump itself.

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