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If your car has a automatic transmission, put car in neutral get a rolling start then switch to Drive. If car stays running your problem could be a solinoid switch in transmission. The trans. is stuck in second or third gear which would cause your car to stall out.

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Q: What do you do if you put your car into gear and it cuts off?
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If the car starts but when you put it in gear it cuts off?

car starts but when i put it in gear it stop

How do you fix the car if it cuts off when you put it in gear and it cuts off?

adjust your carb so it will keep the fuel up

What causes your car to drop rpm when put in gear?

because you are engaging the clutch which cuts out the engine for a smooth gear change

What causing a car to cut off when the car in put into gear?

torque converter clutch solenoid.

Will not start without starter fluid and as soon as its put into gear it cuts off?

The year, make, model and engine info would help.

Will a bad muffler cause your car to start up then cut off if put in different gear?


How do you turn the 1993 ford tempo gl back on when it cuts off randomly?

Put it in neutral by moving the gear selector forward one click. Crank the key to start the engine. Put it back into drive. If done correctly this can be achieved without stopping. DO NOT PUT YOUR CAR IN ANY OTHER GEAR THAN NEUTRAL WHILE MOVING.

What makes a car idle low at first then get higher after running a while Then also it cuts off when put in gear Its a 1987 Toyota Supra nonturbo btw?

Check for damaged or inoperative idle control valve assembly.

What does it mean when you put the car in drive and it just cuts off The car is a 97' Ford Taurus.?

I'd check the Neutral safety switch.

Why does my 98 VW cabrio go into gear when off but when start car and will not go into any gear Starts in 1st gear and can not even put it in neutral?

Your clutch is not disengaging.

What happens when you put your car in reverse while the engine is off?

It goes into reverse gear, nothing else.

what happen when you put a car in reverse gear?

the car goes back

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