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If you mean the car stumbles and dies then you need a tune up. If you mean the car dies "instantly" the Reverse light wire might be interfering with the carburetor shut off solenoid. The Solenoid is also wired to the coil with the reverse light. You should be able to hear a "click" on the carb when you turn the key on and off. With the key on, have some one put the car in reverse and see if you can hear the solenoid click off. Jay, you're really close but not quite. The problem is the reverse-light circuit's shorting to the frame. Maybe one of the wires has the insulation rubbed off and it's touching the frame. When you put the car in reverse, the switch closes, the power from the coil goes to ground and the car dies. The root cause is Volkswagen is running WAY too many things off the side of the coil.

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Q: Why does my 72 vw bug cut off when i put it in reverse?
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