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Check your battery connections and make sure they are tight and not corroded. If that don't work take the battery out and take it to and autoparts store. Most will check it and re-charge it for free.

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โˆ™ 2004-07-19 09:18:58
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Q: What do you do if your car will not start and the lights do not work or nothing?
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Why won't car start but lights work?

Because your car runs on gas but your lites run on a battery.

Turn my key to start car and get nothing not even the gauges come on but yet the lights work and the instrument panel lights work why won't it turn over the starter on a 1968 camaro?

Some times the battery will have enough power to turn lights on but not enough to turn the engine over. Try to jump start it or replace battery with one you know is charged. By the way-nice car.

Can ecm in 1997 Nissan Altima cause car to not start and lights and horn not to work?

Crank but not start and run, possible. Not to crank, start or run, no. No lights or horn, no.

Car will not start but my lights work and radio?

security system need to be check take the car to the nearest Pontiac car dealer to have it reprogram

My car wont start but the radio and lights work what could be the problem?

it depends does the car turn over if not most likely it the starter

How do you know of your car battery is dead?

Your car won't start. No electrical items will work (radio, lights, power windows/locks...)

What is it when all the lights come on and the windows work but the car will not start on 1992 bmw325?

The starter may be at fault.

Toyota remote does not work and engine will not start?

Sounds like a dead car battery. Do any lights or electrical accessories work?

I have 95 Nissan altiam that wont start the i my head lights brake lights and interor light works but none of my dash lights come on widows don't work and my car wont even start or crank?

there is a short in the relay for the head lights

1989 Dodge Dynasty car died after getting hit no significant damage have dash lights horn etc not dummy lights and nothing when attempt to start car.. relays Thanks?

It could be ignition module.

My 2005 Kia Sedona won't start the lights and radio play but it won't turn over. When you turn the key nothing happens Any suggestions?

See if the battery has water. Then see if it will jump with jumper cables. If it will start with jumper cables, your battery had enough amperage to make the lights work and the radio to play but not enough to start the car.

What is wrong with your car if nothing works including the lights and start?

Dead battery? Loose or corroded battery cable? Blown fusable link?

Error appeared on the radio screen and now the car wont start?

Will your lights headlights come on? Will anything work? Had something like that happen to me years ago. I had no lights and nothing worked. Turned out it was an alternator. There could be something else that would be wrong but, it would be something to check out.

97 olds achieva the pannel lights won't work and the car won't start until the lights come on- if you wait long enough with the key in the start position the lights will come on and the car will start?

been there done that. it the security system. quick,cheap fix is to replace the instrument panel. find one at you cant bypass it or even if you were to get a new one ($$$$$) they fail too.

Why might a car wont start if the lights stayed on?

you drain your battery when you leave your lights on

No sounds at all when turn the key to start?

I went to start my car. I turn the switch once. All the lights and stereo come on. But when i turn it all the way to start, I get nothing. No sound, no click, no crank, nothing. I tried to Jump it for about 10 minutes with the same result. Need Help Please.. Car is a 94 Ford Probe

Would a bad blinker relay wont let start the car?

No, the flasher relay has nothing to do with starting the vehicle. It only controls the flash of the directional lights.

How do you know if the battery died in your car?

your car will not start, lights wont turn on, ect

Can you take the power for car lights straight from a car battery?

When your lights are on and your engine is not running you are taking the power for your car lights directly from your battery. If you leave them on long enough, you will run down your battery and your car will not start. Then you will need a jump.

Why does car start but park lights don't flash when pressing the remote on remote car starter?

check if your lights are still on that drained the battery

What is wrong if you turn the key and car won't start there are no lights no radio no dashboard lights?

Most likely your car battery is completley dead.

One morning on your way to workyour car will not start You curse at the car but nothing happensWhat if your vehicules not starting when you tried to leave for work is the best describe as?

An observation

Your car don't turn on all lights work when you try but the car wont start?

even with the lights on, the battery may still be weak... try jump starting it, and see if it works...if not.. starter, ignition switch or other safety switch.. dave

Why does your car stereo work but has no lights?

The fact that the lights don't work may be a problem with the fuse. You should have your radio examined by a professional.

What will happen if you disconnect the battery in your Oldsmobile Bravada?

What will happen is the car will not start nor will the electrical lights, radio ect. Unless your doing electrical work on the car don't dissconect the battery