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What do you do when an ex-husband refinances a home that was paid off and now they are foreclosing and you have the title in your maiden name?


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2005-08-15 20:12:20
2005-08-15 20:12:20

How was the property used to secure the loan? Also how the title of the house is worded could make a big difference in what action can be taken. Sorry but there's not enough specifics to make an evaluation. If the title is in your name only and he made the loan on his own, the house could not have been used for collateral. If you both made the loan or you cosigned you are both responsible, and so on. Perhaps you can post more specific info. or email me if you feel I can help. Consult your lawyer amediately.


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Unless your partner adds your name to the title and then refinances, there is no way for you to get on the mortgage.

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In order to refinance even in one persons name, anyone else who is on title must be present at closing. You can't legally refinance a home unless all people on title are present at closing. In any case names on a loan do not directly reflect names on title, you can have one person on a loan and 5 people on title.

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