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How was the property used to secure the loan? Also how the title of the house is worded could make a big difference in what action can be taken. Sorry but there's not enough specifics to make an evaluation. If the title is in your name only and he made the loan on his own, the house could not have been used for collateral. If you both made the loan or you cosigned you are both responsible, and so on. Perhaps you can post more specific info. or email me if you feel I can help. Consult your lawyer amediately.

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Q: What do you do when an ex-husband refinances a home that was paid off and now they are foreclosing and you have the title in your maiden name?
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When a lender agrees to take title to the property without foreclosing it is called?

It is called 'deed in lieu of foreclosure'.

If you are moving into your partner's house how do you put your name on the mortgage?

Unless your partner adds your name to the title and then refinances, there is no way for you to get on the mortgage.

If two people buy a house then one person refinances in only their name is the other still on the title or do they no longer have rights to the home?

In order to refinance even in one persons name, anyone else who is on title must be present at closing. You can't legally refinance a home unless all people on title are present at closing. In any case names on a loan do not directly reflect names on title, you can have one person on a loan and 5 people on title.

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Your exhusband and you are mortgagees on your 1st mortgage you got house and debt in divorce you want to get a 2nd mortgage with your Dad as co-signer on Note Is this problematic?

You need to find a title attorney, take your wife off title, and add your father to title. Most mortgage companies have seasoning requirements of anywhere between 90-days and 12-months. Go through a mortgage broker and tell them the entire situation. They will find a lender with lower seasoning requirements. A broker may be able to educate you more on the mortgage side but very limited with title issues. Ask him or her their lowest seasoning requirements.

What is the normal protocol in regards to the names on the title when a homeowner refinances?

Refinancing is simply obtaining a new loan, and should not change the names on the title. If someone is trying to take your name off the title during refinancing, they are trying to cheat you out of your share in the home. Refinancing has no effect on the title of a real property. The changing of title to real property is controlled by the laws of the state in which the property is located. It is extremely important to discuss the way property is to be held before the title is issued to avoid future legal complications. Tenancy-in-Common, Joint Tenancy, Joint Tenancy With Rights of Survivorship or Tenancy-By-The-Entirety (for married couples only). Refinancing can be used to change the names on both the mortgage and the title. That said, there are scams out there where the person who originally owned the house is told they can't be on the mortgage loan and so can't be on the title. THAT IS NOT SO. Look for another lender and question the morality of the person who wants to do this "for" you. In the case of a divorce or other split, one person can sign a quitclaim and a warranty deed and then the names on the title can be changed. == ==

Does a lien on property mean it has to be sold in California?

A lien is paid out when the property is sold. It will come out of the proceeds paid to the seller for his recorded lien before a clear title can be issued to the new buyer. Otherwise, it just sits there as a matter of record.However, if the lien is large enough to be worth the trouble of foreclosing on it, the creditor may force the sale of the property to pay the lien.

What happens to your mortgage if your HOA forecloses on your condo?

The answer depends on how much you owe, how much the unit can be sold for, and where the lender's claim on the property falls in the priority status for distributing the funds from the sale. Some associations file a lien on the title in advance of foreclosing, and this lien may be a priority lien, meaning it is paid first. If the mortgage is not satisfied by funds from the sale, you still owe the balance to the lender.

Can a home owners association foreclose on a home in Florida without informing the mortgage company?

Foreclosure is a legal process whereby all interested parties are included, or the foreclosure procedure cannot be completed. If you believe that your association is foreclosing on your title, and you believe that your mortgage lender has not been informed, you can inform your lender, since the mortgage is in your name, not the association's name, and your responsibility is to protect your name.

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