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if he means antifreeze is getting in the oil you could have a bad head gasket or even a cracked block not good either way

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Q: What do you do when an oil change tech says there is antifreeze mixing in the engine?
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Should antifreeze mix be 5050?

Ford vehicles come from the factory with 50 / 50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water Ford says minimum 40 % antifreeze and maximum 60 % antifreeze for proper engine protection

Do you put water in your coolant reservoir?

yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can in an emergency , but it's best to use a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and preferably distilled water to provide freeze , boil , and corrosion protection for the engine cooling system . The corrosion protection " portion " of the antifreeze does " wear out " so change the antifreeze mixture as recommended ( Ford says to not exceed 60 % antifreeze in the mixture )

Can you top up your car coolant with water and screenwash?

no ( in an emergency you can use straight , preferably distilled water ) but for the engine cooling system the best protection for corrosion , boiling or freezing is a 50 / 50 mix of antifreeze and preferably distilled water . The corrosion protection " portion " of the antifreeze does " wear out " so change the coolant mixture as recommended , also Ford says not to exceed 60 % antifreeze in the mixture

How do you change the antifreeze?

I have a 91 Ford escort that has two caps. one is on the radiator itself and one next to it that says coolant only. how do I know where the antifreeze goes? does a mixture of coolant and water go in the radiator or does only water go in radiator and coolant in the other one? I have never seen an engine with this. could you help explain it?

What if someone used green antifreeze in your DEX cool system?

The antifreeze change and flush interval is changed from what the owners manual says, Usually every 5 years.The interval is now 2 years.

Why do you have to put orange colored antifreeze in your 05 silverado?

Chevy says that the orange antifreeze STOPS corrosion and cools better then any other color. That is still to be proven to me. You can put ANY color you want too in it as long as you don't MIX the colors. There is a type of antifreeze that they sell and say you can mix it with any color but I don't like that ideal. Put orange back in it if that's what is in it now. It is very HARD to get ALL of the antifreeze out of the system / ENGINE So you can change the color.

How do you know if a mechanic hurt your engine due to a bad timing belt change?

ask your engine see what it says

What is antifreeze mixed with?

Preferably distilled water ( usually a 50 / 50 mix but Ford says not to exceed 60 % antifreeze )

What amount of Antifreeze should be mixed with water to put in car?

50 / 50 mixture of antifreeze and preferably distilled water usually ( Ford says not to have less than 40 % antifreeze and not more than 60 % antifreeze )

Engine Coolant for a 2005 suzuki drz400?

Suzuki shop manual says ethylene glycol antifreeze designed for aluminum radiators. Mix 50:50 with distilled water.

Do you have to pull the engine to change a inner tie rod on Dodge Intrepid?

my dad says you shoulnt have to

What is the best ratio of antifreeze to water for maximum protection?

Ford vehicles come from the factory with a 50/50 mix of antifreeze and distilled water . Ford says not to exceed 60 % antifreeze in colder climates

89 mustang proper coolant mixture?

Usually 50 / 50 - antifreeze and preferably distilled water ( Ford says not to exceed 60 % antifreeze )

What are some things I would need a large mixing bowl for?

Large mixing bowls are mainly used when baking cakes, pies, and other pastries. They do what their name says; mix ingrediants. Anything needing mixing can be mixed in a mixing bowl.

Can you use distelled water instead of coolant?

Distilled water mixed with antifreeze ( usually 50 / 50 , Ford says up to 60 % antifreeze in colder climates )

2007 silverado message center says engine hot ac turned off but engine is not running hot?

My 08 sierra had this same message. It wasn't hot and the antifreeze reservoir was full. The thermostat wasn't reading correctly. We had that replaced and so far so good.

How do you make Google your search engine?

Click on tools and then options (the bottom of the menu) . It says 'homepage', and then you can change the website address.

How do you put antifreeze in a 2000 Chevy Impala?

You can add coolant to radiator(left side of engine towards front of car). Remember to push down on cap for final turn to remove cap(cap says "engine coolant" right by the battery. Coolant can also be added to the reserve tank straight back by the firewall. (says engine coolant only on cap) Make sure you allow at least a few hours for engine to cool before removing radiator cap.

How do you change the motor mounts on a 2004 Ford Taurus with a V6 engine?

I am still waiting for an answer. The book says on 1999 and newer Taurus's the engine and transaxle must be removed underneath the vehicle to change motor mounts. You will need a hoist and engine cradle. Big Job! Check with a proffessional.

Why would an engine run cold temp gauge says cold and the heater blows slightly warm air?

change t.stat

Is there antifreeze in energy drinks?

Does redbull give you wings, it says so on the commercial. REDBULL IT GIVES YOU WINGS.

Is it ok to used mixed coolant in the winter for cars?

I use a mixture of 50 % antifreeze and 50 % distilled water in my Ford Explorer ( that's the way it was when it came from the factory ) Ford says not to let the antifreeze drop below 40 % and not to exceed 60% antifreeze in the coolant mix

How do you fill radiator on 04 aveo?

From the radiator reservoir located at the top driver side of the engine compartment, you fill it up with at 50/50 mixture of GM Dexacool Antifreeze and Distilled Water. Make sure that you use the stuff that says GM Dexacool or else the engine will not cool correctly. Trust me. I know from experience.

How do you reset the change engine oil light in a 97 grand prix?


What does it mean when it says service engine soon light comes on a 1998 Chevrolet truck?

If you have another light that says Check Engine, then the Service Engine Soon light means to change the oil/filter or perform some other maintenance item as listed in your owner's manual. You will see the other light when you turn on the ignition. If however there is no Check Engine light, this light means there is a problem with the emissions system.