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What do you do when your air coditioner compressor is froze up?

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2007-07-07 00:33:53

If it was set so that it runs without shutting down and the

temperature has dropped such as at night. Than it may just need

time to thaw. The coil inside the unit in the house will be frozen,

so set the fan to on to speed up the thawing. Also you should check

the inside coil for clogging or restricted air flow. Restricted air

flow can cause this problem. The coil may not look that dirty when

you look in at it, so get a flashlight and take a close look. If

you do some cleaning, be carful not to bend the fins. Also change

the filter if it is dirty. This may save you a service call, but it

may be something more than what the home owner can do.

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