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What do you if the interior cab lights on a 1997 Ford Ranger will not turn off?


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2015-07-14 14:59:10
2015-07-14 14:59:10

Did you try turning the dimmer switch to a lower setting, sometimes the dome light will stay on even if the door is closed if the switch is set to high. But if the dimmer switch is set propertly, and the light remains on for a few minutes, the problem is most probably a defective relay. There are 3 relays on my 97 Ford Ranger, and I have not found out which controls the light. The relays cost too much just to buy 3 of them.

If tou have tried dimmer switch and that did not work try using wd 40 on the the latches. The interior lights stay on until the switch in the door is cleaned and lubed. The switch is within door latches on for ranger. !


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I have the same problem with my 1999. The tail lights as well as the interior instrument panel and the license plate lights are all not working.

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Turn your interior light dimmer until it turns on the cabin lights.

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How to change dash lights on a 95 Ford Ranger?

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On a 2001 Ford Ranger : Rotate your gauge panel dimmer control all the way UP ( that turns on the interior courtesy lights and the cargo lights ) * located in your dash next to the headlight switch

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On a 1998 Ford Ranger : Try rotating the gauge panel dimmer switch all the way up , I BELIEVE that turns on the interior courtesy lights and the cargo light * in your dash , just to the right of the headlight switch *

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