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The sentence 'Omnia mea mecum porto' means I carry all my things with me. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'omnia' means 'all'. The possessive 'mea' means 'my'. The personal pronoun 'me' means 'me'. The preposition 'cum' means 'with'. The verb 'porto' means '[I] am carrying, carry, do carry'.

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Q: What does 'Omnia mea mecum porto' mean in English?
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What does Omnia mea mecum porto mean?

All that is mine, I carry with me.

What does omnia and omnibus mean in English?

what does omnibus omnia mean

What does porto mean in English?

I carry.

What does amor vincit omnia mean?

'Amor Vincit Omnia' in latin means 'Love conquers all' in English.

Latin help In English what does this mean Eam mecum in urbem ducere volo?

I want to lead her into the city with me.

What does omnia vincit amor mean in English?

it means "Love conquers all"

What does 'in omnia paratus' mean?

In omnia paratus means IN ALL THINGS BE PREPARED

What does fortunas est mecum mean?

This would be translated "Luck is with me"

What does multi multa nemo omnia novit mean in English?

Many know much, no one knows all.

What does vade mecum mean?

Vade mecum means "walk with me" or "go with me."This phrase is often used for something that you keep with you or carry around as a reference."I love my iPhone. It has become my vade mecum for everything!"

What does carpe omnia mean?

Seize everything

What does El porto mean?


What does omnia optime mean?

"All things excellently."

What does Omnia Discit mean?

He (or she) learns all things.

What does Omnia facio quo melior fiam mean?

to do, to make

What does portare per omnia mean?

To carry through everything.

What does omnia cum deo mean?

It means "Everything with God".

What is 'Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori' in English?

Love conquers everything, so let us yield to love is the English equivalent of 'Omnia vincit amor et nos cedamus amori'. In the word by word translation, the noun 'omnia' means 'everything'. The verb 'vincit' means '[he/she/it] conquers, does conquer, is conquering'. The nouns 'amor' and 'amori' mean 'love'. The conjunction 'et' means 'and'. The personal pronoun 'nos' means 'us'. The verb 'cedamus' means '[we] yield'.

What does the phrase 'amor vincit omnia' mean?

Love conquers all.

What does Latina Omnia Vincit mean in latin?

Latin conquers all.

What does memento omnia tempus habent mean?

"Remember: All things have [their] time."

What does mecum mean in Latin?

it means "with me" in the accusative (as in, sombody talking to sombody else) it means "with me" in the accusative (as in, sombody talking to sombody else)

What does porto mean in latin?

As a verb "I bring", "I wear". As a noun: Dative singular of the second declination "portum", porto (To the port, for the port) ablative singular of the second declination: porto (with the port, through the port)

How do you translate loyalty above all in latin is it fides supra omnes or is it fidelitas ante omnia whats the difference between them both?

'Fides supra omnes' would mean 'Loyalty above all things.' 'Fidelitas ante omnia' would mean 'Loyalty before everything.' If you want to say 'loyalty above all', you would use 'Fidelitas super omnia.'

What is 'Zeal is everything' in Latin?

Studium est omnia is one Latin equivalent of 'Zeal is everything'. Zelum est omnia is another equivalent. In the word by word translation, the nouns 'studium' and 'zelum' mean 'zeal'. The verb 'est' means '[he/she/it] is'. The noun 'omnia' means 'everything'.