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What does a constitution do?

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A constitution provides the basic law of a body politic. The

constitution defines the government, describes how it is organized

and how the people who make it up are to be chosen and specifies

what powers the government can and can not exercise.

Michael Montagne Additionally, the Constitution of the United

States, which was completed after the Declaration of Independence

in the late 1770's, contains a group of special freedoms called the

Bill of Rights. These special freedoms were enshrined in the

Constitution by the founders of the country in order that they

always form a back-bone of liberty for America's citizens.

Included are (not in any special order) freedom of speech,

assembly, peaceful use of firearms in a state militia, press

freedom, freedom from unlawful search and seizure, freedom from

having military troops bedding in your home (a common breach with

the British back then).

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