What does a marketing manager do?

Being a Marketing Manager

The short answer is:

I. A marketing manager focuses on at least five categories and

disciplines in performing his/her duties in this position:

A. Define the market to be served:

Who? (type of company(s); e.g., end users, OEM's, contractors,

industry segments, etc.

Where? (geography)

Analyze the competition in this market

B. Define/design the product, for this market. Requires collaboration

with engineering and manufacturing

C. Set the price for this product in this market; match the market

driven price to the (product cost + profit target)

D. Define the promotional/advertising process and the

advertising channels for this product

E. Define the distribution/sales channel(s) for this product

Direct Sales?



Manufacturer's Representative?



Include after sales support, if required.

A substantial part of the job will be to study, evaluate, and obtain the answers/results for the above questions.

The rest of your time will be involved in coordinating and negotiating with your firm's other departments (engineering, manufacturing, sales, etc.) to achieve a result for this product that will be financially successful for the company.