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What does an auto showdown relay do?

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Will my car run with out an auto shut down relay?

No. The auto shutdown relay powers the fuel system.

Where is the auto shutdown relay located on a 96 Cherokee?

The auto shut down relay is located under the hood, an the passenger side, in the fuse and relay box.

Which relay controls auto head lights?

The head light relay should be marked in the relay centre.

Where is auto shut off valve located 1997 dodge caravan?

No such part. There is an auto shutdown (ASD) relay in the fuse box next to the battery.No such part. There is an auto shutdown (ASD) relay in the fuse box next to the battery.

Why does your 1994 Jeep Wrangler not start and auto shutdown relay clicks?

The 1994 Jeep Wrangler that will not start and is having the auto shutdown relay clicking, is having a problem with the auto shutdown relay switch. The switch needs to be replaced because this is what is stopping the vehicle from starting.

Where is the auto shut down relay on a 1990 Chrysler LeBaron?

last relay behind the battery.

Why is there a auto shut down relay on a 95 neon?

The relay is under the Left front Fender.

How do you reset the auto shutoff relay on a 1996 dodge caravan?

The auto shutdown relay is controlled by the engine computer. You need to find out why it isn't actuating the relay. The first place to start is to check for codes. --->>> A relay is good or faulty, you cannot reset it, just replace it. An 1996 caravan has NOT ASD relay at all!

Where is the cooling fan relay on a 97 escort 2.0 auto trans?

as long as it is the same as a 98 it is a fuze not a relay

Where can you find a 2000 kia sportage window relay switch?

Auto-Zone or O-Riley's auto-shop.

What activates auto shutdown on a Chrysler 1998 van?

The engine computer, PCM, controls the auto shutdown relay.

Where specifically is the auto shutdown relay switch located on a 1988 Dodge Caravan?

the relay closest to the driver on the fender well

Where is horn relay 2002 ranger xlt 4X4 EXT CAB?

It's in auxiliary relay box #1 which is located behind the dash to the right of the steering column Rick Visit my auto blog at It's in auxiliary relay box #1 which is located behind the dash to the right of the steering column Rick Visit my auto blog at

Where is cooling fan relay located for 1986 corvette?

auto parts store

How can you tell if an auto relay has gone bad?

Swap it with one you know is good.

Do parts stores like advanced auto parts have a relay for the starter?

If it is a replaceable part, probably. Call Advance Auto Parts and ask them.

Hyundai Santa Fe horn relay?

The Hyundai Santa Fe horn relay is located underneath the hood in the exterior fuse box. The horn relay can be purchased at any auto parts store.

How do you test an auto relay?

A car relay is a remote control switch that controls electrical components. To see how you should test yours, check your owners manual. Simply swap it with another like relay.

Where is 1998 stratus blower relay switch?

This is not a complete answer ,butl go to auto they do.

Where the headlights switch is locate on 97 Oldsmobile achieva?

No switch it has a relay auto turn on

Where can you find the relay box for windscreen wipers on fiat seicento?

advance auto parts

How do you disable a 1997 Chevy pickup auto door locks?

Remove the fuse or the relay.

Where is the fan relay switch to turn on the fan when hot on a 1990 dodge shadow?

Typical location on a shadow. From the front of the car, drivers side. first relay is an auto shutdown relay. Second relay is A/C clutch cutout relay. third relay from the front is the fan relay. On the shock tower facing the relays from the front of the vehicle is: right side relay is the starter and left to it is the anti lock brake relay.

What is the shape of the Start Relay of 1995 Plymouth Acclaim Sedan Auto?

The Starter relay for Acclaims are located right on the starter, its what the wires that go to the starter hooks to.

Where is the fuel auto shutdown relay on a 1989 B350 Van?

location of asd relay Under the dash just above the foot pedal for the parking brake