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What does blue smoke coming from the tailpipe of a 1999 Dodge Intrepid mean?


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it could be your oil stem seal rubbers in your cylinder head, or it could be your oil rings/piston rings. your timing chain is about to go. These engines have a sludge build up that clogs the oil holes and eventually oil pressure drops in the combustion chamber which causes the timing chain tensioner to loose tension and thereby causing your timing chain to either go slack or snap. Either of these two malfunctions on the part of your main timing chain will cause your piston heads to kiss your valves. You don't want that to happen. have your engine flushed immediately and use synthetic oil from now on. The blue smoke is a tell tale sign that you need to do this flushing now or you will pay. Hope this helps. Blue smoke means you are Burning engine oil. Either the valve seals in the heads are bad or you have bad piston rings. Or you have a blown head gasket which the 2.7L is known for doing.anyway here are the smoke signals 1:Blue equals oil,2:Black is to much gas,and 3:White smoke, this is my favorite is anti freeze shut it down quickly or the engine will be toast...


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white smoke coming from my tailpipe of my Honda civix lx 1997?

white smoke=water. probably the intake or intake manifold.

carbon result of incomplete combustion.

Perhaps valve cover gasket is leaking oil onto plug area

they have elected a pope? in cold weather it is normal to see white smoke coming out of your tailpipe. the one you have to worry about is the black or the blue smoke

Steam (White Smoke) coming from the tailpipe is the #1 indicator.

cracked heads, water and oil are mixing

black smoke is usually a sign of bad piston rings, meaning they arent sealing correctly, and meaning that they need replaced which means a total engine rebuild basically.

IT usally means that WATER is coming out of YOUR tailpipe wich is STEAM & running ruff is Because the smoke is coming from the DEAD cylinder because the head Gasket is blown(bad) {USALLY}

No, the engine exhaust is what comes out of the tailpipe.

Get a oil change You may have a bad head gasket, or a cracked head, or both.

No I don't, but if you do, you need to have it repaired, or it'll seize the engine

oil getting by the rings causes white smoke and oil dripping out of the tailpipe.

running too rich check the air filter could also be defective injectors

The smell of rotten egg is coming from your catalytic converter that is plugged up White smoke is an indication of water (usually antifreeze) in the exhaust.

This engine is running extremely rich. This can be caused by many things. Have it repaired ASAP. Serious engine damage will occur if you continue to drive.

Could be a bad head gasket. You would get engine oil leaking into the cylinder heads and that would show as smoke out the tail pipe.

Black smoke indicates excessive fuel possibly the engine is flooding this would also explain the gurgling.

The head gasket on your vehicle is blown, please see a mechanic as soon as possible. The smoke is quite polluting.

Blue smoke is oil smoke, sounds like you need an overhaul. either the piston rings or valves are allowing oil to enter the combustion chamber. because when you crank it oil also comes out

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