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What does it mean when you try to crank your vehicle and it clicks?


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2004-11-11 07:00:48
2004-11-11 07:00:48

From the subjective word 'crank' I think you have a dead battery. Not enought juice to turn the motor over...


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It could very well mean your battery is dead. A good suggestion is to try another battery which is known to be good and/or carefully try to jumpstart the vehicle with jumper cables and another battery.

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check battery for corrosion. It happens to me 4-5 times a year.

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your number of clicks inproves the higher the rank because you need more clicks when you try to get to a higher rank

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You're right it could be a dead battery, the starter, the soleniod, or even the alternator. My guess try jumping the car or charge the battery.

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Locate the switch on clutch pedal, unhook it and try to crank it if it does not attemo to crank tie the two wires tgether and grank it. all you are doing is tricking vehicle and making it think the cluch is pressed in, I have done it to my 97 hardbldy. Just use caution because it will try to crank no matter where the shifter is

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