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What does oil seeping from around the spark plug head while the engine is running mean?


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2004-10-30 21:05:03
2004-10-30 21:05:03

Either the spark plug needs to be tightened or the threads have been stripped out. Also the rings are shot to allow that much oil into the combustion chamber.


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I reach over and around the top of the engine to access the spark plugs.I reach over and around the top of the engine to access the spark plugs.

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Water around the outsides of the spark plug may keep the car from running due to poor spark plug wires, but the engine should still turn over.

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Bad engine cushions can make the engine shake. bad spark plugs cause malfunction as the car starts running.

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To turn the engine over to draw in some fuel and air into the cylinder and to make the spark plug spark to enable the engine to start running on its own.

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If the check engine light is flashing with the engine running , that means a spark plug misfire has been detected

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