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the 96 Cadillac has a computer and sensors that control the ride of the cadillac you have a senor going out etc.. you can use your dash to tell you what is wrong it gives and stores all codes for each system , you use the warm and cool buttons to navigate thru the system this is what techs use to fix the car it tells them everything and i mean everthing you can overide and disable systems using the buttons on the dash,,

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Q: What does service Ride control on a 1996 deville mean?
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What does service ride control mean on 1994 Cadillac Deville?

it means your struts need to be checked and or replaced. the deville has an automatic ride control that eletronically controls the ride height of the vehicle front and rear. there are passive struts available from the dealer..or aftermarket air ride or passive systems available for it on the net. i suggest the dealer or a reputable mechanic do this as the electronic control has to be disabled if the passive struts are installed.

How do you service the Ride Control on a 1992 corvette?

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How do you service a 1995 Cadillac Eldorado when the service ride control warning light is on?

this means you have a failure, a shock or the ride control computer has gone bad

Service Ride Control Cadillac?

Service Ride Control warning means one or some of your shocks or struts are worn out. They will need replacing and it is not cheap,

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you take it out.

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To reset service ride control light on yukon detail one must use their manual to determine which button or switch is used to reset the control light properly.

Why are you getting a dashboard warning to not exceed 90 mph on your 98 Cadillac Deville Concours?

It is related to a ride control problem. The cars computer is going to limit your speed to 90 mph due to a malfunction in the ride control system.

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