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What else do you check after blocked hoses thermostat fans and radiator when your 1990 Honda Civic continues to overheat?


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2004-08-08 07:51:22
2004-08-08 07:51:22

The IMPELLER on the water pump.The MIXTURE of Anti-Freeze to Water mixture.Blown head gasket.Correct TIMING.the FLOW on the Radiator that U already checked...


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Blocked radiator, low on coolant, stuck thermostat, air in cooling system

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yes. but there are several other things that can cause it to overheat. not enough coolant, bad belt, radiator blocked, bad thermostat,bad water pump to name a few.

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If you're absolutely sure the radiator fan is working properly, have the radiator flow tested. Also, check the thermostat. It may be partially blocked.

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Inoperative cooling fan(s) Bad thermostat Bad fan switch sending unit Bad fan relay Blocked radiator cooling tubes (internally)

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broken thermostat; blocked hose to radiator or hole in hose; leak in radiator; etc..

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