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The IMPELLER on the water pump.The MIXTURE of Anti-Freeze to Water mixture.Blown head gasket.Correct TIMING.the FLOW on the Radiator that U already checked...

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Q: What else do you check after blocked hoses thermostat fans and radiator when your 1990 Honda Civic continues to overheat?
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What would cause a 92 jeep cherokee 4.0L to overheat?

Blocked radiator, low on coolant, stuck thermostat, air in cooling system

If the engine cooling fan on a 1995 camaro is broken does the car overheat?

yes. but there are several other things that can cause it to overheat. not enough coolant, bad belt, radiator blocked, bad thermostat,bad water pump to name a few.

Your 1997 Dodge Avenger ES starts to overheat when you are in drive and stopped but as soon as you start driving the temperature gradually starts to go back down your fans and thermostat work fine?

If you're absolutely sure the radiator fan is working properly, have the radiator flow tested. Also, check the thermostat. It may be partially blocked.

What would cause a 1994 Honda civic to overheat?

Inoperative cooling fan(s) Bad thermostat Bad fan switch sending unit Bad fan relay Blocked radiator cooling tubes (internally)

What happens if the car radiator becomes blocked?

The car eventually will overheat and the engine will fail either to overheating or seizing up.

How do you fix 98 dodge durango running hot?

broken thermostat; blocked hose to radiator or hole in hose; leak in radiator; etc..

Why is my car overheating but the radiator stays cool?

Either the radiator is blocked, or the thermostat is stuck closed, or the water pump has failed.or it just needs water.

How can you fix a overheating after replace the water pump and the thermostat?

change th radiator it must be blocked feel th radiator shoud be evenly hot.

What will cause a Ford Ranger to overheat?

Possible causes: (1)insufficient coolant in the system (2)water pump drivebelt defective or not adjusted properly (3)radiator core blocked or radiator grille dirty and restricted (4)thermostat faulty (5)fan blades broken or cracked (6)radiator cap not maintaining proper pressure.

What cause a 1992 grand marquis to overheat?

Could be many things. Rad., Fan, thermostat, fan sensor, water pump, blocked passages.

What would make a car overheat around 40 miles per hour?

1 insufficient coolant in the system . 2 water pump drivebelt defective or not adjusted properly . 3 radiator core blocked or radiator grille dirty and restricted . 4 thermostat faulty . 5 fan blades broken or cracked . 6 radiator cap not maintaining proper presure .

Why does the engine overheat?

AnswerBecause the engine cooling fan does not work properly or does not work at all.There are many reasons which may cause Engine overheat. the above is also one of them.Loss of coolantloss of coolant because coolant leaks from anywhere on the cooling system.Loss of coolant because radiator cap is broken and will cause overheat.Loss of coolant because radiator cap pressure is less than the required.Loss of coolant because compression leak in to the cooling system.Radiator internally blocked. (Heat exchanger blocked, if equipped)Radiator externally blocked. (Air flow blocked)Engine Overloaded (engine can be overloaded because of loss of power due to malfunction of some parts, in this case there must have other symptoms).Thermostat does not direct water circulation to the Heat Exchanger.Engine mechanical condition is not good (Power balance)Engine ignition timing is retarded.After a repair Engine started to overheat.(AC or Radiator fan is rotating wrong direction, polarity changed)

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