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What else would be wrong if the fuel pump is replaced and it does not fix the problem on a 1992 Mercury Sable?


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2009-11-16 22:05:44
2009-11-16 22:05:44
See "Related Questions" below for more about the fuel pump relayAnswerCheck the fuse
Doublecheck the fuel emergency / inertia shutoff switch.
Try the relay. Answer
What kind of problem are you having?

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A reasonable price quoted for a oil pan, and gasket replaced on a 2003 Mercury Sable is $350. That is professionally done, so they may charge slightly more for labor.

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i think i had the same problem in my 97 mercury sable ,,,mine turned out to be a transmission problem. .i would also check fuel filter ,,its located in the lower rear quarter panel

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The 1995 Mercury Sable would have come from the factory with ( 5W-30 ) oil in the engines

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I had mine done a couple years ago. If I can remember right, it was about $250.

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