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What evidence do you need to present in a divorce case to prove a parent is unfit to care for the children?

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If she's truly unfit, you should have some evidence, such as phone calls, emails or witnesses. But remember, the primary consideration in a divorce is your children, not yourselves. You may want to consider whether it's truly best to remove her from her children's lives. * It is always a mistake for spouse's to attack each other during a dissolution of marriage, custodial hearing or any other such issues. Legal counsel is responsible for submitting applicable evidentiary material to the court and for protecting their client's best interest. Whether or not a parent is unfit is a decision that is made by the judge, not by any of the involved parties.

2006-08-12 23:42:01
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Q: What evidence do you need to present in a divorce case to prove a parent is unfit to care for the children?
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How do you re- gain custody of your children?

Have sufficient evidence that: 1.) You are a fit parent and/or 2.) The guardian of the children is an unfit parent and then: present the information in front of a judge in a court of law.

Who is more challenged by divorce children or parents?

Children are more challenge by divorce parent can take it but children cant some times

Can you divorce your step children?

Since the marriage is between you and the parent of your stepchildren, there is no marriage between you and the children, so there can be no divorce from them. You can divorce their parent though, and after the divorce you don't have to have any further contact with them if you don't want to since you are no longer related to them.

Can a 16 yr old divorce her parent in Texas?

No only the spouses who can divorce each other, and not children.

Can a parent divorce an adult child?

No. A divorce is a legal action that ends a legal marriage. Parents are not married to their children.

What are some of the theories of effect of divorce on children?

The effects divorce can have on children will depend a lot on the ages of children. Younger children ,including toddlers, will feel a sense of abandonment when one parent appears to be missing. Older children (late teens) may resent the parent who chose divorce and consider that parent selfish for making their own life a priority instead of the whole family. Children in between are too old to feel abandoned but too young to assign blame to either parent. Therefore, they tend to blame themselves.

Can the children in a divorce decide to live with the step parent?

No but u have a small say in it.

Can a 14-year-old divorce his or her parents in Texas?

i have seen children divorcing there parent but for the other parent

How can an adult divorce biological parent?

You cannot divorce a parent, you can only divorce a spouse.

What has the author David Royko written?

David Royko has written: 'Voices of children of divorce' -- subject(s): Case studies, Children of divorced parents, Divorce, Parent and child

Why shouldn't children divorce their parent?

Children, not even teens, should not divorce their parents in any way, unless their parents are abusing them in an unappropriate way. Hopefully your parent does not... Children and teens should not divorce their parents because only their parents have a full wage, and know how to control business matters. Think before you do! =D Hope this helps.................................

What happens to the children when one parent files for divorce and the other parent has a legal deportation on him?

In most cases the children will stay with their mother even though the father has a legal deportation.

Did William Shakespeare adopt any children?

There is no evidence that Shakespeare was an adoptive parent.

What is the definition of a single parent family?

A single parent family is a type of family with only one parent present with either a blood related child/children or an adopted one.

Children divorce Tennessee age to choose parent?

age 18 see links below

What can noncustodial parent do when custodial parent sleeps with boyfriend in front of the children during pending divorce?

Nothing. Not very helpful or necessarily true.

Does CPS have the right to question children without a parent being present?


What procedure is used to disown children?

The only thing that you can do to disown children is to have them written out of your will there is no parent child divorce courts just yet

Can you move to a different state with your children when you do not have any legal paperwork for divorce or separation?

You can, but the other parent can file an injunction to have the children returned.

Can a parent keep a child from the other parent in the state of California during divorce?

can a parent keep a child from the other parent during divorce

How does divorce affect children psychologically?

divorce and it's affects on children vary and depend on the children, and the situation of the divorce. the younger the children are, the less they understand about the divorce. some blame themselves, and some blame one of the parents, if not both. sometimes, when the child is left with a single parent, who usually is the mother the child will either blame and resent that parent for messing up the unity that the child once saw that parent having with the no longer present spouse, or the child will form a very deep bond with that parent for fear of losing the one parent that child has left. the substitution of another person to fill in the role of the parent who either left or is not in that child's life as much by introducing a step parent can be tricky and in some cases not healthy. one should never try to compel a child to call a step parent "mom" or "dad", unless the kid wants to do so on their own. Beware of abusive step parents and allow free communication from child to see if step parent might be abusive behind closed doors.

Can spouse relocate with children during divorce?

No in most states, and even than, the separated parent can file an injunction to prevent it or have the children returned.

What are two problems children in a single parent family may face?

1.Children who find themselves in a new single parent household as a result of death or divorce may experience fear, guilt and anger. 2.Children may become delinquent if parent spends little time with children.

Is it bad etiquettes for step children to file for a parent's divorce?

It depends if your parent(s) are happy in their relationship or not..... I would talk to my parent before actually doing it : )

Are children the cause of divorce?

no, the people who divorce each other are the cause of their own divorce. if a parent or both parents want to blame their children or in some cases child for the divorce than they are not taking responsibility for their own actions. divorce is the result of a failed or disappointing marriage. marriages can sometimes be abusive or lacking in mutual affection or desire. therefore, the result at best is divorce and at worst prolonged hardship endured by both partners and the children.