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Any exercise would work, I personally enjoy running. But, there is a way to burn 500 calories without working out at all.

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Why do athletes need more calories?

Athletes burn calories when they exercise. They need more calories than normal people due to their tough exercise.

How can you burn 500 calories extra calories a day?

You can burn calories through exercise.

How many calories can I burn with exercise?

How many calories you burn with exercise depends on how hard you exercise and how much you weigh. The more vigorous the exercise, the more calories per hour you can burn. Cross-country skiing, jogging and swimming are exercises that burn a significant number of calories per hour.

How do you get skiny if your fat?

You need to watch the calories you eat and exercise. You need to take in fewer calories than you burn. If you take in 2000 calories but only burn off 1500, the extra goes to fat.

How can exercise help with fat burning?

Exercise, plain and simple, burns calories and you need to burn more calories than you consumer to burn fat and lose weight. And, exercise builds muscle mass, which also helps you burn claories because muscle consumes twice as many calories to maintain itself as fat does.

In which exercise you burn more calories?

athletics would be the strong sport to doand you will burn more calories

Can you burn calories jogging in place?

absoulutely! you can burn calories by any type of physical exercise.

How can you burn calories faster?

It depends on how hard you exercise, and how many calories you eat. If you burn more calories then you eat, it will be helpful. So eat less calories and exercise hard and calories will start burning faster.

How many calories do you burn in an hour of exercise?

It depends on the exercise and how intense the activity is. Walking at a moderate pace for an hour will burn about 150 calories, while running at a medium pace will burn about 400 calories, for example.

Why is exercise so importance?

Because exercise can burn fats that stored in your body. Exercise helps burn calories and fats.

How long do you have to exercise for before you start to burn fat?

Well, in order to burn 1 pound of fat a week, you need to burn 3500 calories. So, the longer and more intense your workout is, the more calories you will burn.

How does exercise burn calories?

When you sweat it burns fat. If you exercise hard enough you sweat.... burning calories.

How many calories do you burn doing exercise?

It all depends on the exercise that you do.

Do isometric exercises burn a lot of calories?

Isometric exercise will not burn very many calories. While it does burn some, it is a strength training exercise, whereas something like sit ups or running burns calories.

How much exercise does it take to burn 76 calories?

that depends on what type of exercise you are performing. Differant exercises require differant times & burn differant calories

How do you lose weight in a week with exercise?

To lose a pound you need to burn 3500 calories if you want to burn a pound a week then just run off 500 calories per day

How many calories to burn to lose a stone?

I want to lose one stone and a half how much calories do I need to burn to lose that I do lot of exercise such as running on treadmill and cross trainer

How long must you exercise to burn calories?

I'm quite certain that the moment you begin working out, you burn calories.

Whats the fastest way to burn off calories?

The fastest way to burn calories is to exercise by running or walking.

Is wearing more clothes when you exercise burn more calories?

Depends if the clothe is hot it will burn more calories but if its normal clothe it won't burn alot of calories.

How do you burn more calories than you take in?

Either eat very few calories, or burn up excess calories through exercise.

How many calories does exercise burn?

It greatly depends on the intensity and duration of the exercise you do.

What does exercise burn?

exercise burns off calories, fat and excess weight.

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