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that he was king for the time

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Q: What good luck did Harold godwinson have?
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What were the strengths of Harold Godwinson?

Harold Godwinson was a good man and cared about others.

What strengths did Harold godwinson have?

One of the strengths that Harold Godwinson had was that he was a good leader. He was also courageous, and a good speaker. He could get others to follow his lead.

Harold godwinson bad luck?

beacouse he was very tired bless him

What are the strengths of Harold Godwinson?

he is a good king

What religion was Harold godwinson?

Harold Godwinson was Catholic/Christian.

What was Harold Godwinson's middle name?

Harold 'John' Godwinson

What did Harold godwinson work as?

Harold Godwinson and harold hadrada had fights and he was boss of the fights

How old was Harold godwinson in 1066?

Harold Godwinson was 43 years of age in the year of 1066. Harold Godwinson was a king of England.

Why should you vote for Harold hardrada?

why wouldnt harold godwinson be a good king

Who did Harold Godwinson fight?

Harold Godwinson fought Harald hardrada and after Harold Godwinson had defeated him, he fought William Duke of Normandy and William became king after shooting Harold Godwinson in the eye with an arrow.

Was luck why William won the battle of hastings?

yes and no because it was luck that made the wind change so the battle took place just after Harold godwinson had been fighting Harold hardraada. this meant that Harold godwinson's army was tired. no because he had been planning tactics for ages and Harold was unpropered.

What good luck did William have at the Battle of Hastings?

The wind changed direction so he could sail to England to fight with Harold Godwinson

Was Harold godwinson an experienced warrior?

harold godwinson was an experienced worrior

Which country is Harold godwinson from?

Harold Godwinson is from the country of England from Wessex.

Was Harold godwinson a good fighter?

no he where a great fighter

Why Harold Godwinson was better than Harold Hardragar and William of Normandy?

I've been doing a project on In my essay, I put Harold was a better candidate than Harald Hadraada, mainly because Harold Godwinson had the advantage of being English. Harold Godwinson was also a better candidate than Harald Hadraada because he was known by Edward, and he was a good politician. However, Harald Hadraada was a better candidate than Harold Godwinson because Harald Hadraada was a better fighter than Harold Godwinson. Also, Harald Hadraada had experienced royalty before.Harold Godwinson was a better candidate than William of Normandy, mainly because Harold Godwinson the advantage of being English. Harold Godwinson was also a better candidate than William because Harold Godwinson was a good politician. However, you could say that William was a better candidate than Harold Godwinson because William was related by blood to Edward, and Harold was only related by marriage.

Where was the battle between Harold hardaara and Harold godwinson?

The battle between Harold Hardaarda and Harold Godwinson was at Stanford Bridge.

What other names was Harold godwinson known by?

Harold Godwinson was also King Harold II of England

Where did Harold Godwinson live?

Harold Godwinson lived in Sussex in his castle lol

Who was Harold Godwinson-?

Harold Godwinson was the last Anglo Saxon King of England.

What did the Saxons think when Harold godwinson was crowned?

harold godwinson was in the saxon group

Who were Harold Godwinson's brothers?

harald hardaada and Harold godwinson aren't brothers!!

What was Harold Godwinson's claim to the throne?

He was a good leader and he was strong.

What date did Harold Godwinson's father die?

harold godwinson father died in 1053.

Who was Harold godwinson to edward the confesser?

Harold Godwinson was married to Edward's the confesser sister.:)