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The emperor still lived in the Forbidden City until 1924, when Gen. Feng Yuxiang expelled him from the palace

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Q: What happened to the Chinese emperor following the revolution?
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Who was the emperor of France following the revolution?

Napoléon I

Which of the following was not an achievement of Qin emperor Shi Huangdi?

In: chinese history

What happened in china between 1908 and 1918?

In 1908 the last emperor of China, Xuangtong Emperor of the Great Qing, Kangde Emperor of Manchukuo was born. In 1918, the USS Monocacy incident happened after the Chinese fired on an American ship.

Who decided what happened to Chinese women in old tradition?

The emperor decided what happened to women, also the men of the house. However lots of suicides happened, once the women knew their fate.

Emperor of France during the French Revolution?

France did not have an Emperor during the French Revolution, Napoleon became the Emperor of the French in 1804.

What Chinese ruler moved the Chinese capital to Beijing?

This happened during the Ming Dynasty, under the third Ming ruler. Yangle (Yongle) Emperor. (1403-24)

What Chinese emperor thought to defy?

emperor chen

Who was emperor wu?

emperor wu was the only female emperor in the chinese dynasty

Who is the greatest Chinese emperor?

Kangxi emperor of the Ch'ing Dynasty.

What was William Golding's following up to The Lord Of The Flies?

Emperor of the Flies, it explores what would have happened if the boys were not rescued.

What is the Chinese belief that the emperor who came to power was selected by heaven to rule?

Chinese are think there emperor is sent from heaven

1911 Chinese revolution?

it was a dynasty the last dynasty and the qing dynasty p'u yi was the last emperor and declined the throne when he was 5 years old

Who inventeted paper?

A Chinese emperor the first emperor named Ch'in

Who was the emperor of France at the time of french revolution?

They didn't have an emperor, they had a King.

What is a Chinese Dynasty?

get across revolution overthrow emperor and replace him by oneself.create a new Dynasty and then generation after generation pass the imperial power through to overthrowed by others.

What has happened to emperor hirohito after japan surrendered?

Nothing Happened. He Stayed an Emperor Over Japan.

Where did the ancient Chinese emperor live?

The ancient Chinese Emperor lived in the Forbidden City inside a building called the Imperial Palace.

Where did the Chinese emperor live?

The Emperor of China lived in the 'Forbidden City' which is to be found in the geographical centre of the Chinese city of Beijing (Peking).

How do you write emperor in Chinese?

皇帝 (Huángdì) (Simplified Chinese.)

Who became emperor of France after the revolution?

napoleon Bonaparte crowned himself Emperor

Who was involved in confucianism?

Confucius, also known as Kong Qiu, was the founder of Confucianism, and just about every Chinese Emperor up until the Revolution applied Confucian principles.

What was the job of a Chinese emperor?

The role of Chinese Emerors were to rule over china.

Who was the Chinese emperor when king john signed the manga carta?

Emperor Ningxong of Song.

First Chinese emperor?

Marco polo

What is the ritual kneeling to a Chinese emperor?