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What happens if a landlord vandalized the rental unit you live in?

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You didn't explain what you meant by vandalized. A Landlord in Canada has the right to give their renter 24 hours notice that they will be coming to inspect the interior of the suite or home (good idea!) Smart Landlords take pictures or video tape the condition of the rental they have in case this should go into small debts court. It's "before and after." If a Landlord knows there is a pipe leaking in your suite they DO NOT have to give you 24 hours, but do need to contact you to let you know why they entered your premises. If a Landlord came in to ruin your furniture or personal possessions then you must catch him in the act or you do not have a leg to stand on. Even if another renter saw him entering your suite this is considered "hearsay evidence." Phone your Insurance company and see if you are covered for any damage and start looking for another place to live.

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Do you have to do the maintenance if you live in a rental house?

Typically, you are not responsible for the maintenance of a rented house. The responsibility for this falls on your landlord. However, read the rental agreement to be sure what you are/are not responsible for.

Can three people live in a one bedroom apartment in denver co?

That is up to the landlord and the terms of the rental agreement.

Is the joint owner of the property you live in your landlord?

This is specified on your lease or rental agreement. If there is a co-owner and the original landlord is unable to fufill their duties the responsibility would fall on the other owner.

If your landlord owns the rental property that you live in and and wants to sell it what are your rights?

If the landlord wants to sell the rental property, the tenant has different rights depending on what state the property is in. Usually, a landlord has to give 60 days notice for an intent to sell. Then, it is up to the landlord whether or not the property can be occupied by the tenant until the sale date. If there is a lease, the landlord usually cannot sell the property until the lease is up, but all states have different rules regarding occupancy.

If you live in a rental house who pays the plumber bill - you or the landlord?

AnswerMost rental questions can be answered by talking with your landlord. I've been in both situations. As a renter, I want the landlord to take care of everything. As a landlord, I want my renter to take some responsibility.I think a clogged drain is up to the renter to get fixed. A leaky pipe is more a landlord duty. However, if you want something more concrete, I suggest you come to an agreement with your landlord. You'll take care of any repairs that cost less than $50 and the landlord will be responsible for the bigger jobs.Max

Can a landlord live in assisted living?

Yes. A landlord can live wherever he or she wants to.

What if your landlord didn't sign a lease and now is evicting you?

If the parties did not sign a rental agreement, there is no reason that he cannot evict. Rental to you is "at will," and he owns the property. Find a new place to live, move and look forward. Leave in the best way you can.

What can you do when the landlord turns off the heat every time she goes out?

If this is an ongoing pattern of behavior and is required that you have heat in order to live in your rental property, then you can move out by constructive eviction.

Can a landlord keep first and last months rent even if you did not live on the property in MN?

Ah, the age old issue of "I didn't live there, you shouldn't get to keep rent." The issue with this logic is that it forgets that the landlord cannot re-rent the apartment during your tenancy. So even though you did not live there, you occupied the space contractually, thus preventing the landlord from opening it to others. So, yes. A landlord can keep your first and last months rent even if you did not reside in the property. As an example, imagine a rental car. You go out and purchase a rental car for 7 days, but for 7 days you never drove it. Would it be fair to say "I shouldn't have to pay you because I didn't drive it?"

Is the joint owner of the property you live in your landlord as they live elsewhere?

In the situation you describe, is the landlord the sole owner, and you are a renter or lessee? If the landlord is the sole owner of the property, and you are the lessee, they remain the landlord/sole owner despite where they may live. If you are renting the property from the landlord, you are only a lessee and not a joint owner.

What are the laws in Washington state for renting an RV to live in?

Please note that Recreational Vehicles, or RV's, are vehicles, not homes. So the rent of such are subject to vehicle rental rules, not landlord/tenant rules.

How do you remove someone who does not pay rent and you own the property?

If the tenant has the legal right to live on the rental property then the landlord must follow his state's law in filing eviction proceedings against the tenant.

How much can a tenant sue a landlord for unfit habitation?

You cannot really sue your landlord for unfit habitation. If your rental unit is deemed unfit for habitation you may simply move out. If you are in the middle of the lease, and the dwelling is unfit for habitation, you have the right to move out under what is known as constructive eviction, meaning that you are abandoning the premises because you cannot live there. Your landlord may try to keep the security deposit if he is holding one for you. You must then sue the landlord to reclaim it.

If you fall on your property where you live is your landlord responsible?

If you fall on the property where you live, the question of whether or not you have a case against your landlord depends on a number of factors. If you think it is due to negligence on the part of your landlord, see a lawyer.

Is a bird nest in a chimney the responsibiity of the landlord?

Yes, well most of the time. Depends where you live and who your landlord is.

Can a landlord limit the number of children one can have to live in a unit?

A landlord can limit the number of people that occupy the property.

Can you write off new siding on a rental?

Generally a renter does not pay for home repairs unless he caused the damage.

Where can you find rental homes?

There are many websites to find rental homes. It depends on the country you live in.

What is the legal occupancy for a rental apartment in battle Creek Michigan?

I don't think there is any particular law as to how many people can live in one apartment. The landlord can generally determine in the Lease how many persons the Landlord will allow. Also, at some point as the number of people increases and the size decreases the apartment becomes unsafe. A small child is counted as an occupant, but is not a tenant in the legal sense with legal obligations to the landlord. Hope this helps.

Is it illegal for your landlord to up your rent because your boyfriend moved in?

If you have a lease that states the rental to be paid, and does not list changes if others move in, then your landlord cannot increase your rent until it is time to renew the lease. If you have a lease that specifies more rent if more people live in the residence, then you have already agreed to the increase. If you have no lease, your landlord can change the rent at any time, for any reason, unless your local laws say otherwise.

Can you foster a guide dog puppy in Victoria Australia if you live in a rental property and do they ask to see the rental agreement?

Im not an Australian, but i live in a rental house and have a puppy. You should just probably ask the owners.

When should your landlord turn on the heat you live in Illinois?

As of oct 1st your landlord should have the heat on. If not feel free to plug in a heater

Where are good cargo van rental deals?

You can get a good cargo van rental deal at Enterprise Rent A Car, Prestige Car Rental, CC Rental, and Budget Rent A Car. The van rental location you choose will depend on where you live.

Is the tenant or landlord responsible for lawn care such as mowing the grass and weedeating?

If mowing or gardening is not in your signed rental contract, then it's up to the renter to keep the yard clean and mowed. If you live in an apartment or condo then it's directly up to the Maintenance person of that building.

What is the definition of landlord?

A property owner who is renting the property out to people to live in.

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