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What happens when you put the positive cable on the negative battery post?


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Nothing unless you connect the negative cable to the positive post. When you do that you will destroy the battery and it may possible explode. You may also damage the electronics in the vehicle.

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current flows from the negative to the positive cable and back into the battery cells, recombining with the element depleted of electrons that are flowing out the negative cable. The process is not 100% efficient and the battery will eventually cease producing current.

I assume you're asking how can you tell which is positive and which is negative? The red cable is positive in the black cable is negative. But if they are not color-coded the positive battery post is slightly larger than the negative battery post. If you try to connect the negative cable to the positive post it would be a tight fit and if you connect the positive cable to the negative post it would be loose.

Connect the Positive + battery cable to the positive + battery post first. Then connect the Negative - cable to the negative - battery post.

The red cable is the positive and the black cable is the negative. The positive post is slightly larger.

Red, positive + cable to Positive + battery terminal. Black, negative - cable to Negative - battery terminal.

Red cable to positive, black cable to negative.

1. Remove negative battery cable 2. remove positive battery cable 3. remove battery 4. install new battery 5.attach positive cable 6.attach negative cable

Red/positive cable to red/positive cable. Black/negative cable to black/negative cable. The battery is under the cover in front of the air cleaner.

Black is negative and Red is positive.

Audio battery???? If you mean Auto Battery then Red Positive (+) RED cable goes to Positive (+) post on battery. Black Negative (-) cable goes to Negative (-) post.

You don't, you connect to the battery from the battery of another car. Use the positive cable to connect the two positive electrodes and the negative to connect the two negative electrodes.

The (Red) positive post is larger than the (Black) negative post and on almost every battery I have even see the + & - are embossed on the battery. The red, positive battery cable will go from the battery to the starter. The black, negative cable will connect to ground.

Always disconnect the negative battery cable first even if you are changing the positive cable and reconnect the negative cable last. This is to prevent accidental shorts to ground.

Red is positive. If they are both black then the cable that is connected to ground is negative and the other cable is positive.

Remove brackets that hold existing battery in place. Unscrew negative cable, then positive cable. Pull old battery out. Place new battery in. Fasten negative battery cable, then positive one. Place bracket back on and tighten nuts.

The battery cable that is grounded, is connected to the body of the vehicle. Sometimes it is the negative cable & sometimes it is the positive. You need to check which cable is connected to the body of the vehicle.

If you have a post battery(the cable attaches from the top) the positive post is larger than the negative.

The man said it Always connect the positive + cable first to the battery. Then connect the negative- cable to the engine somewhere. Never connect the negative cable to the battery itself. Batteries vent hydrogen gas and which can ignite with the slightest spark. For this reason never, ever, connect the negative first and never connect the negative to the battery.

The positive battery cable will be going from the positive terminal of the battery over to the starter solenoid. The negative battery cable goes from the negative battery post to either a bolt on the generator upper bracket or the side of the engine block. Typically, the positive cable is red, and the negative is black, but people do all sorts of odd things to their cars, like have the wrong colored battery cables, so, go by how they are routed, not by what they look like.

The negative cable is removed first, then the positive. To re-connect, the positive goes first, then the negative.

On the battery is marked - or +. The red cable is positive and the black is negative.

Connect the positive first and negative last.

Connect the positive (+) Red cable from the charger to the positive (+) post of the battery. Now connect the negative (-) Black cable to a metal part of the engine. Do not connect to negative battery post. Plug the charger in. Unplug the charger before removing the cables. Disconnect the negative cable first.

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