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What herb can you substitute for chives?

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Depending on their use, green onion or also known as scallion will be your most ideal trade out. It is a bit bigger, but still conical shaped and slices into rings nicely, and although it has a stronger onion taste and scent, it is still less than actually using an onion.

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What food group is chives in?

Chives are generally considered to be an herb.

Is a chive a herb?

yes, chives are indeed a herb

What spice can you to substitute chives?

I can't think of a spice to substitute chives, but you should be able to substitute chives with spring onions or small and very finely diced shallots.

What is an alternative spice for chives?

You can substitute green onion for chives.

What is the Latin name for the herb known as 'chives'?

the latin name for chives is Allium Schoenoprasum. There are 5 types- chives, fine-leaved, white chives , pink chives and garlic chives(chinese chives)

Which herb enhances the fragrance of roses?


What is the Tamil name for chives herb?

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What sort of plants do chives come from?

the chive herb plant...

Chives fruit or vegetable?

chives is fruit or vegetable? Chives (Allium Schoenoprasum) is a member of the onion family, so is therefore a vegetable. It is sometimes listed in cookbooks as a herb.

What can be used in place of chives?

Parsley is a great substitute.

Can green onions be substituted for chives in recipes?

Chives ARE the top of green onions. Chives are an herb, yes they are botanically related to onions and have a simliar flavor profile but they are NOT green onions. Green onions/Scallions are a immature regular onion. Sometimes also called spring onions. Depending on the recipe yes, you can substitute green onions for chives, but please make sure to taste, taste, taste as you go. Green onions have a much stronger flavor than chives and you will probably not need the entire amount asked of for chives.

What country did chives originally come from?

Chives can be used for many different applications in cooking. The herb originally comes from Europe, Asia, and parts of North America.

Substitute for dill?

Well dill is a strong herb, and a substitution could really be any other herb such as chives- a milder onion flavour, or parsley- a fresher more citrus flavour or even the greens on top of the fennel plant which has a mild licorice flavour. It really depends on the food you are pairing with.

Is there a herb that start with a c?

There are many herbs that start with a letter C. Chives, coriander, celery, are just three examples of many.

What spice can you subsitute for marjoram?

Marjoram is a herb, you can substitute another herb called Oregano. Thyme is another good substitute, not as strong as oregano.

How can you substitute herb and lemon soup mix?

I have used McCormick lemon and herb seasoning.

What is the Scientific name of kutchay?

Kutchay is an Ilocano term used to refer to garlic chives - an herb. The scientific name or botanical name for this herb is Allium tuberosum.

What herb can you substitute for savory?

For Savory substitute thyme (stroner flavor) or thyme with a little sage or mint

Which herbs is said to enhance the fragrance of the rose?

It is said that chives are an herb that will enhance the fragrance of a rose flower. A rose is a woody perennial.

What are some herbs and spices?

Here a short list of my most popular used herbs in my home: sage, majoram (oregano substitute), rosemary, parsley, and chamomille. Now is a list of spices: anise, basil, ginger root, cloves, chives, tarragon, and cinnamon. Now the way I can tell the difference between the herb and the spice is the aroma in the air; herb is nice sometimes, however the spice has an UMPH!

How much dried thyme do you substitute for fresh chopped thyme?

The rule of thumb is: 1 teaspoon dried herb = 1 tablespoon fresh herb

What herb can be substituted for thyme in navy bean soup?

I substitute Basil if I don't have thyme.

What herb can you use to substitute mint?

There isn't really one but theres many types of mint.

How do you grow chives?

Chives grow everywhere!!

How do you kill chives?

To kill chives, you will have to dig them out of the soil. Be sure that you get the entire bulb or the chives will grow back.