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What if the blower on your 1995 2500 GMC blows air only on floor it will not switch to any other settings like defrost Any ideas?

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2006-10-06 04:20:02

Fixed one of these this morning in front of my shop while

carrying on a conversation with a friend who had stopped by. You

will need approximately 2.5 feet of 1/8 inch rubber vacuum hose to

effect this simple repair. After the engine has cooled completely,

open the hood. After opening the hood, find the A/C accumulator (a

large, silver cylinder just below the passenger side of the

windshield). Looking around in that area and to the right and

center of that area, you will find a small, black, plastic vacuum

hose. This hose will have become brittle and cracked due to

underhood heat. DO NOT PULL ON THE HOSE. Just to the right of the

center top of the engine on the intake manifold, there is a black

plastic vacuum distributor. Take your new rubber vacuum hose and,

after removing the old hose, plug your new section onto the nipple.

Route the new hose over to the small black plastic vacuum check

valve that the old, broken hose originally went to near the

accumulator. Voila! Air from the dash vents (or wherever you

command). Good luck. SDI

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