What is SAP FICO?

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SAP FICO stands for SAP Finance and Control SAP FI for Finance and CO for Controlling

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Q: What is SAP FICO?
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What is fico in sap?

SAP FICO Stands for FI (Financial Accounting) and CO (Controlling). SAP FICO is the important module of SAP. More details about SAP FICO - SAP FICO Stands for Financial Accounting and Controlling its one of the important module in sap modules For SAP FICO Online Training Choose KBS Training Institute

Which has more career prospective sap fico or sap hr?

sap fico . does it help ?

How is the futur sap fico?

Hi,SAP FICO is one of the important module of ERP, in present market SAP FICO having more job opportunities, for more details about SAP FICO

Who is eligible for sap fico training?

any one can eligible for SAP FICO training.but SAP fico training is best for commerce students

Is Nidhi Infotech Bangalore is good for providing sap fico training?

Nidhi Infotech Bangalore is one of the best institutes offering SAP FICO Training in Bangalore. They have a very experienced instructors who provide excellent SAP FICO training. A must recommended centre for SAP FICO training. James.

What is definition of sap fico?

sap fi is for finance and co for controlling.

Fullform of fico in sap erp?

SAP "System Application and Products"

Meaning of SAP FICO?

Sap : systems applications products in data processing of a business process. Fico : fi : finance co : controlling

Sap mm questions?

Free SAP study materials and SAP Training: FICO and MM concept, screen shots of step by step FICO and MM configuration / customizing at:

What is the best SAP module for MBA students who did finance?

FICO Depend on your domain experience , Choose SAP FICO consulting or Enduser Training. Regards, SAP END USERS TEAM

What is depreciation run in sap fi?

why depreciation run is done in asset accounting in sap fico

What is the best module in SAP for MBA finance students?


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